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Wu Xing Element: eg Earth
No of Prior Reforms: number of prior reforms
Effects: effects
Unlocked Units: unlocked units
Unlocked Buildings: unlocked buildings
Required Buildings: required buildings
See Also: Three Kingdoms Reforms Table

To use include:

|Name=Reform name
|Image=[[Image:3K reform water espionage.png]]
|Wu Xing=[[Type (TW3K Wu Xing)|Type]]
|Number=number of prior reforms

Example demo below:

Note: this template is an oddity in not floating right - if it does that it clashes badly with the tables in the body of the reform pages.

Dedicated Spy Network
3K reform water espionage.png
Wu Xing Element: Water
No of Prior Reforms: 3
Effects: 10% Industry income
Unlocked Units: n/a
Unlocked Buildings: n/a
Required Buildings: County School
See Also: Three Kingdoms Reforms Table