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The American Revolution Mod

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The American Revolution Mod
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraAmerican War of Independence
Mod Leader ToonTotalWar
Release Status TAR V2.0
Forum / Thread Here


TAR mod is a modification for Empire Total War and covers the American Revolutionary War from 1775 till 1783


Tar Mod has 4 different GCs;

  • Road to Independence Episode 3: 1775 - Play as the U.S. from 1775 to 1783
  • Road to Independence Episode 4: 1783 - Play as the U.S. from 1783 to 1825
  • The Revolution Campaign starting 1775* - Play as one of nine factions starting 1775
  • The Grand Campaign starting 1783 - Play as any major factions starting in 1783

TAR mod comes with a separate launcher that gives the player the option to play the Mod besides plain vanilla Empire !

The Team

Modders & Skins; Creator Toon Total War,Gary, Kave-In & Officerpuppy

Historical research; MorganH, Newman55f9 & Carricanta

Codes & Launcher; Hip63, HusserlTW & Lazy Knight

Additional contributors; Major, Tiyafeh & Nigelnire

Darth Sub Mods; Marku

Additional Modders, researchers & movie-makers; Geronimo2006, Flannk, Flavious & Burny26

Special thanks to the APE:TI team for all their support

Very special thanks to Darth Vader for all his wisdom and support

Included Mods

  • 4 Customized StartPos.Esf Files by husserlTW / ToonTotalWar / hip63
  • British Army Mod by ToonTotalWar
  • Continental Army Mod by ToonTotalWar
  • French Army Mod by ToonTotalWar
  • Spanish Army Mod by ToonTotalWar
  • Hessian Army Mod by ToonTotalWar
  • Iroquis & Huron Mod by Vonwolfi
  • General Staff by ToonTotalwar and gary
  • Optional 24-bit textures by ToonTotalWar
  • U.S. & GB Drum and Fife Music by Brigadier Grahams
  • Additional Drum and Fife Music by Hollowfaith
  • Blood and Smoke Mod by mech donald
  • Equipment Tweak Mod by erasmus777
  • Battalion Flags by Aykis16
  • Atmospheric sounds by Pisoiasul
  • Transparent HUD by KillZoneGB
  • ToonTotalwar's Loading Screens by ToonTotalwar
  • Sgt Mellin's Sound Mod by Sgt Mellin
  • Music overhaul by Brigadier Graham (modifed by hip63)
  • Historical Event Pics by jarnomiedema
  • Proper Milita by Spanky
  • Crossed Straps Mod by Ahiga
  • Pipmod by waronmars
  • Unit Pack Compatiblity Localization by Applelover and Swiss Halberdier
  • TAR Menu Movie by hip63
  • TAR GC Modfolder packs by hip63
  • TAR Launcher by hip63
  • TAR Installer by hip63
  • The Revolution 1775 Campaign by hip63
  • Pirate Card Art by kungfuserge

Visual Material


TAR1.png TAR2.jpg
TAR3.png TAR4.png
TAR5.png TAR6.png

Youtube Video bu BURNY26

  • Make sure to watch in HD!

Please Rep BURNY26 for this video.


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