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The Great Conflicts

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The Great Conflicts
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
Era872-1071 A.D.
Mod Leader AnthoniusII
Release Status Under development
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
Faction Starting Positions

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The Great Conflicts (TGC) is an overhaul modification for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms, that brings the player right into the middle of the conflicts set between 872-1071.


The official production of TGC was started by its mod leader AnthoniusII on February 13, 2009. The Great Conflicts got its hosted forum on TWC in April. While it has not been released yet, previews are being released regularly. The first previews were released on April 01, 2011.


The Great Conflicts is an overhaul mod, which focuses on the political and cultural changes during the years 872-1071, when Byzantium and the Bulgarian Empire had conflicts between each other. The mod will explore the repercussions and effects this had on the medieval world. Of course this is not the only conflict shown in the game, it's map encompasses the entire Easter Mediterranean.


As stated above, The Great Conflicts focuses on the conflicts that happened during the years 872-1071, primarily the struggles between Roman and the Bulgarian Empire. TGC adds numerous new factions as well. TGC includes new religions for the appropriate factions in the mod.


The recruitment of units has been altered. In TGC, Elite units are available right from the start, but they are slow to recruit. There are several buildings in a city which affects the recruitment of units. First, of all, barracks and their level affects how many recruitment slots are available. Armouries create the required armour so that you can recruit other units, that for example require chain mail. A major difference is that the mod does not feature castle due to to the fact they are just not appropriate to the time frame of the mod. This has the ancillary benefit of helping the AI as it has one less variable to deal with.

The mod features a 7 tiered recruitment system similar to the Real Recruitment mod. The tiers compose everything from "Peasant" type units to "King's Men" whom are your factions most able soldiers. Each tiers units will have broadly similar stats.


TGC features a brand new map focusing on the eastern Mediterranean. Despite focusing on a smaller area the map has more provinces than vanilla allowing for a more accurate portrayal of the region. The map includes as far west as Corsica and Sardinia, in the east it stretches all the way to Antioch. It also shows the north African coast along with some of the steppes. The map has a fully historical topography along with accurate rivers and provinces. Resources have also been re-distributed to better comply with the new map size.


There are 23 factions in the game although some of those are unplayable as they are emerging factions or theocracies. All in all 14 of those factions are playable. Two of the factions slots are used for what's known as "shadow factions" for the two main factions; Bulgaria and the Roman Empire. These two shadow factions act as rebels for the factions, causing rebellions and acting as a counter balance to these two main factions.

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