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The Greek Wars

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The Greek Wars is a mod based on the group story of the same name in the .Com’s Fan Fiction section, which can be found here. The map is restricted to southern Greece and there are 11 factions – Athens, Thebes, Megara, Corinth, Argos, Sparta, Messenia, Elis, Arcadia, Achaea and Sicyon.

The Greek Wars is based upon a work of fiction. However, the borders, nations and troop types are largely historically accurate and represent reality in 360BC There are no fantasy elements in the mod. The fictional elements are the starting Generals and agents, as well as the quotes that appear in-game.


  • A zoomed-in map focusing on the Pelopenese and Attica, with 40 regions.
  • 12 years per turn script
  • 11 well balanced and well matched factions, each with starting territories of 2-5 settlements
  • Similar unit rosters for all factions, designed to recreate the conditions that made Shogun Total War such a good game and ensuring balanced gameplay
  • Specialized units for certain factions, such as Iphicratian peltast "pikemen" for Athens and the Theban Sacred Band. However, there are no mythical units or super-Spartans!
  • Two classes of settlements: towns and capitals. Capitals are the only places where you can recruit decent troop types, and the best units can only be trained in your own capital. Allied hoplites can be recruited from conquered enemy capitals.

The Team

Current Team (version 1.0 development):

Version History

The history of TGW goes back to 2007, when a few writers got together in CA's official forum and started a group story, set in ancient Greece. From that shared experience, friendships were created, a new forum was formed, and they embarked on new and different experiments in literature or gaming (most of them short-lived). The most ambitious of those early projects was turning that initial group story into a mod for RTW, which was no easy task, since few of the team had any modding experience. However, with perseverance and making do with existing models (since no one on the team knew any modeling), the first version of the mod (v0.9) was completed within a year and, despite its fictional inspiration, it ended up almost completely historical. The first patch (v0.95) came out ten days later, correcting any obvious problems and adding some features, and the mod was considered stable ever since. Half a year later, a new patch was released (v0.97), adding some further features and fixing some minor mistakes, and that was soon followed by gamers who released personal submods, which were typically integrated as official patches. That infusion of new blood into the development team led to the commencement of the next stage of TGW, with the expansion of the map to the north, the addition of 8 new factions and the replacement of all remaining fictional elements with historical ones.

  • Version 0.98b, which is the original mod with Ragimund Van Wallet's changes included. It is the only version that comes with an installer.
  • Version 0.98a, which is the original mod with Ragimund Van Wallet's changes included, as well as 0 turn training times for all units.
  • Version 0.97, which is the original mod without Ragimund Van Wallets changes.

Visual Material

Campaign map In battle

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