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The Hellenic States

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The Hellenic States
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
Era300 BC
Mod Leader comrade_general
Release Status Full Release 1.0
Forum / Thread Here


This mod is an advancement of an earlier mod, Pyrrhic Victory, and focuses now more on the fragmented states that arose after Alexander's Empire broke apart after his death. The game starts in 303BC, which allows all the original Diadochi to be present (and gives you the ability to work with Pyrrhus). Also, continuing with comrade_general's modding tradition, this has been made in such a way as to keep in line with the fundamentals and feel of the vanilla game. It includes complete reskins, text changes, UI's, selection map screens, a reworked campaign map, faction banners/symbols for those that are changed, plus many other tweaks and alterations to enhance gameplay.


ths1.jpg ths2.jpg ths3.jpg ths4.jpg


Download Here.

Visit the main thread Here.

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