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The Iberian Conflict

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RTRVII: The Iberian Conflict (TIC)

TIC is a fully playable, full conversion modification for Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion, version 1.6. It is called a "mini-campaign" because: it is just a small part of the future RTR VII, offers just two playable factions, and the map is limited to the Iberian Peninsula. Despite being part of something bigger, there is nothing "mini-" about this game! It is the first in a series of historical campaigns that will ultimately lead to release of the long awaited, RTR VII, the full campaign. TIC covers action on the Iberian Peninsula from 238 to 218 BC. The game sees Carthage, led by Hannibal's father, Hamilcar Barca, square off against a playable Celt-Iberian faction with several minor factions thrown in for fun. The game uses all new units, new maps, new music and inter-related scripted missions. These were all designed to blend together, giving you an immersive, challenging gaming experience.

RTR's most recent major release, Rome Total Realism 6.0 for Rome Total War, was immensely popular (downloaded 80,000+ times on the first day of release), reviewed by many gaming sites, and honored with many awards. It set a high performance standard for the RTR team.

TIC is an even more advanced manifestation of the RTR team's attention to historical detail while simultaneously focusing on playability. It is an extensively tested game, having undergone many hundreds of beta-testing hours, by many Beta Testers using systematic tracking procedures. RTR delivers a thoroughly tested, stable, efficient, and challenging game that will provide hours of fun, a few surprises, and a great deal of "historicity"!

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