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The Khartum and Zulu Mod

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The Khartum and Zulu Mod
Platform Napoleon: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraLate 19th Century
Mod Leader panzerschreck
Release Status 1.0
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The Khartum and Zulu mod gives you the ability to play the two colonial wars of the British Empire during the late 19th Century. These two colonial wars being the Zulu wars of 1879 and the Sudan war of 1881-1885. Including a completely new campaign for the Sudan war, new animations, music and units. The Khartum and Zulu mod gives you the most realistic experience of the Sudan and Zulu wars.


  • New models for Zulu and British units, these models are more historically accurate and remove the 'Napoleonic' feel of the mod.
  • New animations have been added, these animations further add to the depth and realism of the mod by removing some of the eccentric vanilla animations.
  • New music which is related to the time period and some of the Napoleonic music has been removed.
  • New loading screens that further add to the depth of the mod.
  • A new full campaign has been added, this campaign is about the Sudan war of 1881-1885.
  • New units for the British and Zulus, these new units are historically accurate.
  • New textures for all units so that they no longer look like Napoleonic soldiers. These textures combined with the new models and units look beautiful!


Ten historically accurate maps have been added to the mod.

  • El Arif (Zululand)
  • Tabuk Mesa (Zulu plateau)
  • Armenian Canyon (Rorke's)
  • Syrian ridge (Zulu lakes)
  • Grassy flatlands (Isandwlana)
  • Icelandic pinnacles (zulu rocks)
  • Mountain (Boer farms)
  • Sunken crater (Zulu crater)
  • Spanish lakeside (Zulu narrow pass)
  • Austerlitz (Zulu river)




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