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The Rights of Man 2

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The Rights of Man 2
Platform Napoleon: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraNapoleonic Wars
Mod Leader Yarkis de Bodemloze
Release Status Version 2.41
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Also known as TROM 2, this is a comprehensive gameplay mod with new and modified campaigns, more playable factions with new missions, new units, rebalanced economics, an area of recruitment system, improved campaign AI and battle AI.


Main Features

  • No changes without historical rationale, gameplay balance, and consideration for AI decision making.
  • Much more challenging gameplay.
  • New TROM2 custom campaign with new playable nations, new missions and other scripted gameplay features.
  • Detailed AOR system that allows for a multinational army composition with representative and unique line troops from many different regions. There are many new units recruitable, each balanced for gameplay. Additionally, many changes have been made to unit statistics and recruitability to improve historical realism and balance.
  • Changes to battle dynamics: movement speed, projectile ballistics, lethality, fatigue and morale to more closely match historical accounts and doctrine, while maintaining game balance and playability.
  • Changes to naval battles: longer, and weapon differentiated, range for cannon, and slower and more deliberate ship handling.
  • Changes to campaign dynamics: significantly reworked aspects of the happiness, research, income, building benefits, campaign income, governments and more. Balancing progress, happiness and industrialization will be much more challenging, and the better balanced buildings will help the CAI.
  • Many new units (around 250 in v2.2)
  • New skins and improved animations.
  • Dozens of other small improvements to improve gameplay, including corrections to text descriptions: no more "Voltiguers" or "Hapsburger"!

Battle mechanics

  • Land combat:
Movement speed reduced to more realistic rates (around 60-70% of vanilla)
Loading times of artillery and small arms increased to more historical rates
All regular infantry units use volley fire (up to 2-3 ranks can fire), which is also more historical
Weapon effectiveness greatly reduced to achive realistic hit rates per volley
Ammo load changed to 24 for Line/Grenadiers/Elite, 32 for Light Infantry and 44 for Skirmishers/Irregular infantry to compensate for the lower hit rates
Projectile ranges for light infantry, skimishers and artillery increased
Animation changes: Light infantry and skirmishers kneel down even when not in skirmish formation (helps the BAI)
The AI will use Light Infantry in skirmish formation (campaign only)
Units will fatigue much quicker in combat (shooting/melee) and will recover slower from fatigue (known bug: artillery is unaffected)
Artillery crews are easier to hit by musket fire
Skirmishers/Irregulars have full hiding abilities (but not while moving/firing), other units are more restricted
Light Infantry can form squares
Squares of weak units can be broken by heavy cavalry
Fire and advance, stakes, and grenades removed (with the exception of some Ottoman units)
Gabionades removed (this helps the AI when defending: it will no longer abandon its guns while repositioning)
BAI forms neat battle lines
Spherical case shot for artillery
  • Naval combat:
Naval projectiles ranges significantly increased. The overall range for accurate engagement is now significantly larger, and now reflects historical accounts and is better balanced with the very large size of the maps. At shorter ranges, naval projectiles do a little more damage than in the original game.
All ship speeds reduced by about 15%: realistically, they should be even less but we feel that reducing them further would degrade the overall pace of the game
Morale: ships are more likely to surrender before they sink; effect of raking attacks significantly increased

Campaign mechanics

  • Reworked the whole economy: Money is more scarse now and economic descisions important
  • Increased policing costs, unit recruitment and upkeep costs for the player and reduced repression bonus
  • Reduced research rate
  • Added new technologies and faction specific reforms
  • Adjusted the unit roster so that all units are now available with level 3 buildings. This will result in more capable AI armies throughout the campaign.
  • A set of basic units (Dragoons, Line Infantry and 6-lber Foot Artillery) is available from all building lines to allow smaller nations to recruit better armies
  • Increased build times for all land units
  • Agent spawn rate reduced
  • Generals and agents have new traits that protect them against assassinations
  • Many aspects of the CAI improved (like less desire to raid, more desire to help allies, better recruitment behaviour)
  • Aggressiveness of AI fleets much increased
  • AI units suffer much less attrition (the AI can't handle attrition), while the attrition for the player has been increased (take care!)
  • All factions have additional reserve infantry, militia units and local troops as garrison units for city defences beside the armed citizenry
  • Spanish guerilla is only available if a Spanish core territory is occupied. Also, some guerilla units will spawn automatically in this case.

The Team

  • Mod team:
  • Special thanks:
Bart07 for some unit variant files and text descriptions
EmperorBatman999 for some unit variants and texts from his Foreign Legions mod
Lutland for some unit pics from his artillery mod
Thomas Cochrane for his "Trafalgar Fleet Fix"
ProLurker for parts of his "Fäderneslandet" mod
md1453 for letting us use many units from the "Ottoman Units Mod NTW" and the "Prussian Mounted Jager" mod
Zaskar70 for the units from the British Cavalry Mod
PDGuru for the "Much Lesser Rebels Mod" and for his nice screenshots
Ltflak for promoting the mod with his videos
Oby for new aiming animations for muskets and rifles
L'aigle for his unit skins
JFC for his Napoleon Total Flags Mod


Current version: 2.3

Visual Material

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