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The Sekigahara Campaign

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The Sekigahara Campaign
Platform Total War: Shogun 2
Mod Type Overhaul
EraLate Sengoku Jidai
Mod Leader Akaie
Release Status v0.95a
Forum / Thread Here

The Sekigahara Campaign is an overhaul modification, which aims to bring a new time period to TWS2 - the late Sengoku Jidai (1590s). The later time period reflects everything in the game, making this modification different from the "Vanilla" version of TWS2.


v0.5, a preview version of the mod was released in the beginning of January 2012 and soon after, The Sekigahara Campaign got its own hosted forum on TWC in mid-January of 2012. Since then, this mod has received numerous updates.


The Sekigahara Campaign is a standalone overhaul modification for TWS2, which focuses on a later time period in Japanese history, to offer something different compared to the Vanilla version of TWS2. The Sekigahara Campaign offers a new campaign starting from a later time period and due to this, playable factions, units etc.. had to be updated to match the corresponding time period.


Like stated above, this modification has altered numerous different aspects of the game to match the corresponding time period, thus giving a sense of realism. Due to the later time period compared to the Vanilla version of TWS2, guns and new weaponry will be available to the player sooner and new clans, that didn't exist during the S2TW campaign, have been added to reflect this mods time frame. Some of the new clans in The Sekigahara Campaign are the Toyotomi, Ishida, Ukita, Naoe, Honda and many others. Clan symbols, positions and names have been altered to be accurate and new units and custom building chains are available to the clans as well.

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