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The Shadow of Ishtar

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The Shadow of Ishtar
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
EraBiblical era
Mod Leader Atatürk
Release Status Work in progress
Forum / Thread Here


The Shadow of Ishtar is a total conversion mod set in a biblical era with brand new factions such as Assyria and Israel are pitted against each other on a brand new map with brand new units. The time span is from 814 BC - 500 BC.

Campaign map

Campaign Map
  • The Ishtar team has made a intriguing map that covers the entire middle east stretching from Anatolia to Arabian peninsula and from Egypt to Iran.
  • The map is still under progress but is targeted to have around 100-150 settlements which lots of eyecandy features like new resources, unique city strat models & wonders that adds more to the world of Ishtar.
  • The time line of the campaign map is 2 turns per year giving ample time to prepare and wage war on your enemies that have an eye on your precious kingdom.


There are 13 playable factions in it namely:-


Emergent factions in it are:-

  • Lydia
  • Ionian Cities
  • Cimmerians
  • Skythians
  • Persian Empire

While Unplayable faction is:-

  • Rebellious Dynasty

Unit Previews

The Shadow of Ishtar has a boatload of new units & unique units like wardogs etc, a few of them are shown below:-

Hebrew Archers
Hebrew Spearmen
Jewish Temple Guard
Elite Judah Archer
Judah Young Swordsmen

Visual Material


The idea of the modification was started by Atatürk, who brought up the proposal for there to be a 'Classical Africa: Total War'. Though like all raw ideas, they must be changed and altered if they are to change from primitive state to refinement. And thus, the second and most influential member of the team, Stephan then helped shape the modification into what it is today, The Shadow of Ishtar.

The Team

Official forums

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