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The Tribunal

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The Tribunal forum exists for members of the Total War Center forums who have been given infractions by forum moderators to appeal their case to a panel of elected judges (Tribunes), as well as a sub forum containing archives of past tribunal cases that anyone can look at. The Tribunal has existed at various times for various durations, but has only come within the influence of the Curia rather than moderation staff following the implementation of the March 2007 Constitution.



Troy Tribune.png

Tribunes are the two Hex appointed members of the Tribunal. The current Tribunes can be found on the main staff list here.


Troy Magistrate.png

Magistrates are the two Curia appointed members of the Tribunal, see the constitution text below.

Constitution Text

The Constitution, Section 3, Article 2:
"The Tribunal reviews appealed infractions and notes issued by Moderation in order to ensure that the Terms of Service are applied correctly and fairly.

To serve on the Tribunal, a panel of Tribunes is appointed by the Hexagon Council and two Magistrates are elected by the Curia. Magistrates rotate as acting Tribunes, each voting on one of every two cases.*

* Should a Tribune recuse themselves, or there is a tie between Tribunes, the other Magistrate respectively votes in their stead, or is called to break the tie. Magistrates are terminated by a unanimous vote of the Tribunes."

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