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Total War: Rome II Portal

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Total War: Rome II is the eighth game in the esteemed and critically acclaimed Total War Series. Developed by the Creative Assembly, the Total War Series brings together elements of real time strategy and turn based game play.

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<h3">Rome II Modding Spotlight

Haegemonia - Version 1.0

Haegemonia v1.png

Haegemonia is an historic/realistic modification from the French modding community aiming to overhaul many aspects of Rome II. Version 1.0 has finally been released after over 3 years of hard development, the mod is available in English and French versions. The mod includes; fully reworked factions, including new models, textures, & animations; new scripted events e.g. Samnite Revolts; battle experience and moral overhaul; new culture-specific interfaces and much more...

Read more about Haegemonia in the TWC thread.

Divide et Impera (DeI)

Divide et Impera is a total overhaul of Rome II that seeks to provide a challenging, historically accurate, realistic experience of the ancient world and warfare. Visit the TWC forum here. An open beta of version 1.2 of the mod is now available (on TWC only) download it here. Version 1.2 adds a new population system, new playable factions, unit cards and roster overhauls, a completely re-vamped grand campaign and much more...

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