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Total War - Orcs & Humans

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Total War - Orcs & Humans
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
Mod Leader comrade_general
Release Status v0.95
Forum / Thread Here


The classic game that began the world of real-time strategy, now available as a Rome - Total War modification!

• Features 30+ units unique to each faction

• Two fully-playable factions, plus another playable in custom battles

• Brand new, detailed campaign map

• Experience new bounds in Total War gaming

Take control of the blood-thirsty Orcs, or lead the noble Humans into glorious battles of conquest. oh_armies.jpg

Seek out and demolish your enemies on the campaign map in the turn-based campaign mode. oh_map.jpg

Harness the power of ancient magiks to unleash upon your foe. oh_magik.jpg

The fate of Azeroth rests in your hands, my liege!


For Rtw 1.5;


Installation instructions and other info is in the enclosed readme file.

This uses the mod switch function so it will not alter your original game files.

You can visit the main thread Here.

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