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Vacuus Lux Lucis

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Starting in 620 AD and going all the way to 1050 AD, featuring new factions, map and units, the mod focuses on the Saxons' domination of today´s England over the Britons in the dark ages, the Irish golden age, the pictish struggle against the Strathclyde confederation and in its late era the emerging factions of the Norse and the Danes.

The Brithonic Kingdoms:

Gone are the times when much of this island bowed to one King. Gone are the times of Arthur, High King, who tried to reclaim their true lands. Now are the times of the Saxons. The Saes. England, Lloeger, the lost lands, are now a nation of strong Kingdoms. Pushed are the true Britons to the West, into the dark hills and craggy fortresses. A divided people.

Yet their time may have come once more. Threatened from the East by the Saxons, the fearing the Vikings that rumour says shall come, it is time for a new King. A King to unite the Britons, and drive back these Saxoin dogs and reclaim what is theirs! No longer shall they hide in the mountains of the West, but create a new Britain, worthy of its name. Many problems face each Kingdom, but through clever diplomacy, the uniting of their people and the dividing of the Saxon Kingdoms, perhaps the Britons have one last chance to be the Kings of this Isle, and make the Saxons sing and dream of their golden times and hope for a King to come.

The Saxons:

From the early 5th Century, fierce Germanic tribes had migrated from Saxony, Frisia and other areas of Northern Germany and lower Denmark. Since they first set foot in England, the Saxons, Jutes, Frisians and Angles had forced the native Britons to the west of the country into Wales, Rheged, Dumnonia and into the Strathclyde. By the 600s the Germanic invaders had formed petty Kingdoms across England with different laws and customs.

The Northumbrians are an amalgamation of Bernicia and Deira. They have formed a powerful contingent north of the Humber river. Northumbria have the forces of Rheged and the Britons of the Strathclyde to contend with. Even the Mercians in the south could prove to be a thorn in their side. Mercia is a growing power with a strong base in Tamoourthig (Tamworth), their capital. They have the ability to swiftly unite the midland counties under one banner. However war with the Welsh and disputes with Northumbria seem likely in Mercia's future. Or prehaps the midlands will be won by the small kingdom of East Anglia who may encroach on Mercian territory from the Fen marshes. Wessex and Essex are located in the agriculturally strong south of the country. They have the advantage of trade routes with the continent and a large population. However war between Essex and Wessex seems certain and the Britons of Gwent and Dumnonia could prove dangerous. Prehaps one day the Kingdoms will unite under one ruler and the rest of Britain could soon feel the united might of the Saxon shield walls and spears.

The Picts:

To the North of England lies the fierce Picts. What they lack in technology they make up for in will, and will have these men. When all of Southern Britainnia fell to the Eagle of the Romans, these men did not fall. Those olive skinned men that had conquered lands of heat where no crop may grow did fail, and build walls to keep these men away. When the Romans left, and the Saxons came, and the Britons fell, these men still stood. Proud, powerfull, divided in their kingdoms yet united in their willpower, these men are the guardians of Northern England.

Yet times are changing. New religons are in the air. Forces as great as great an opponent as the Romans are on the Horizon. The Northumbrians push North, settling in lands that where once theirs. The Danes and their boats are upon the Horizons, with great ambitions, threatening to attack coasts that have never been defended before. Now is the time, not for the Picts to stand, but for them to charge. Defending is no longer enough. The Pictish kingdoms need a strong leader, one who will unite them in the common cause, and bring them back south. South, over the wall of the Romans, into the plump lands of England.

The Irish Kingdoms:

Ireland the land of warrior poets may be enjoying its golden age. with many of its peoples reaping the benefits that come along with this cultural flowering . and while Ireland may be a land united by its unique culture art and language. old feuds die hard and the Irish do not easily forget the wrongs done to them by their neighbors. with long tales told round fires of the many cattle raids ,heroic deeds and treachery`s and so each of its kings dream of bringing all eire under their will and becoming high king.

Ireland`s relative peace is about to be shattered by new powers rising within the Germanic and Scandinavian tribes. no longer can it hope that its relative isolation will ensure its borders . already these new invaders have carved out lands across the Irish sea. and it can only be a matter of time before they they arrive to plunder Ireland`s wealth . either Ireland must become a united nation under one king or surely buckle under the tidal wave which is about to brake a upon its shores.

The Vikings:

Britannia. A plump country, ready for the picking. A fat pig, ready for the slaughter. The fools. Those Saxon Kings, those Briton Lords, those Pictish Warriors, those Irish priests. None know who are coming. Coming. Across the sea, with sword and spear and shield.

They are the Vikings. Norsemen, Danes, warriors. They are the strong. They have left their lands, their farmers behind, and have conquered the world, from Sicily to Frankia to Byzantium to the distant West at the ends of the Ocean. And next lies Britannia. They believe they have seen great wars, those Kings of prosperous lands. But they shall shake when the Vikings land.

Strong but few, the Vikings and their ships must be weary of where they land and plunder. Each Viking may kill many a man, but for each Viking that dies there are few to replace. They must be tactful if they are to gain power on this isle, and must turn the minds of Saxons to their cause. Through clever diplomacy, and wise as well as great leaders, these Vikings will be sure to make a foothold here and perhaps even a nation. At the least they shall leave scars that shall never be forgotten.

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Vacuus Lux Lucis

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