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Modding Vault

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The Modding Vault was a forum and service on Total War Center that was created to offer backups for mods and resources over 100mb in size and tools of all sizes. Mods and resources under 100mb were encouraged to use TWC Downloads instead. Backups could be retrieved if a project lost all download links and recovery from the creators was not possible. File operations were manual and retrievals would be done manually, only when these conditions were met. Only the latest public release builds were accepted - ie, no personal/developer/multiple versions of mods.

When operational, the Vault could be accessed through the subdomain atlas.twcenter.net.


The idea was put forward to the Curia by Nicholas Rush on May 5th 2011. The original proposal thread can be found here. It was passed unanimously, with only two abstaining votes. It was formally set up in September of that year, and a server was committed to the project by the following March. Though it would occasionally face instability and go on pause during these periods (particularly during 2014), it would continue to see use until a critical error resulted in the Vault being inaccessible. It was placed on indefinite hiatus in 2017.

Vault Staff

The Vault Staff presided over the project until it ceased functioning. They were considered a form of Technical Staff, and as such they received the Technician's Screwdriver for their service.

Former Staff

This list may be incomplete. Former Wardens are listed in order. If you know an unmentioned member or have evidence of other members existing, please update the list.

Former Vault Wardens:

  • Augustus Lucifer - 1st Warden
  • Bolkonsky - 2nd Warden
  • Aikanár - 3rd (known) Warden

Former Vault Staff:

  • Balian76
  • Boustrophedon
  • Burny26
  • edse
  • Dark Storm
  • John Doe
  • Leonidas The Lion
  • Magicman2051
  • Magister Militum Flavius Aetius
  • Major Darling
  • megalitho
  • Shankbot de Bodemloze
  • Akaie
  • Audacia
  • Celsius
  • empers
  • Glorious Gandalf
  • Kjertesvein
  • Lord Inquisitor Derpy Hooves
  • PikeStance
  • Tango12345
  • The Norseman
  • Rarity
  • Ybbon

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