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Warhammer: Total War

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This page is about the fan-made modification for Rome: Total War. It is not to be confused with Total War: Warhammer, a game developed by The Creative Assembly.

Warhammer: Total War
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraWarhammer Fantasy Universe
Mod Leader Jubal_Barca
Release Status Released
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
WTW Map.jpg

WTW Logo.jpg

Warhammer: Total War, or WHTW for short, is a mod for Rome: Total war (version 1.5) that changes the games setting from ancient Europe to the Warhammer Fantasy universe, much like Call of Warhammer does for Medieval 2: Total War.


This mod was started in the autumn of 2004, with the first discussion and tossing of ideas taking place in a thread at totalwar.com. However, for a time the mod died due to the mod team realising that the mod was unlikely to be completed before the release of Medieval 2: Total War. However, Jubal_Barca revisited the mod, and a version with a working campaign and a number of different factions was finally released in August 2007.


Warhammer: Total War is a mod project that is attempting to put the Games Workshop's fantasy universe of Warhammer into the Rome; Total War engine. Warhammer is a tabletop Fantasy battle game set in the 'End Times' - an age where the last remnants of the good races must fight to prevent the ruinous powers of chaos and destruction taking over the world, wrestling with Orcs, Servants of the four Chaos Gods Slaanesh, Tzenteech, Nurgle and Khorne, fould undead monstrosities, and even their fallen Kindreds - Dark Elves, Chaos Dwarves, or the corrupted men of Norsca. The mod, led by Jubal_Barca, is attempting to release a Custom Battle only version of the mod including the two halves of the Empire of Sigmar, the marauding Hordes of the Chaos gods, the noble High Elves of Uluthuan, their Darkelf Kindred, a regnade cult of Dark Elves who under the witch queen Morathi follow Slaanesh, the Prud Knights of Brettonia, and the Southern Empire of Araby. In the mod, we have tried to create a world that is as true as possible to the fantasy world GW has created. While this functions differently from the tabletop game, we have done our best to make sure that the races have stayed as true to the works of Games Workshop's designers and writers as possible. We have made sure that GW's 'fluff' or background writing supports all our work.


  • As would be expected from a mod of this kind, every unit is brand new, ranging from Empire Knights through to Elvish Chariots and Chaos Daemons. Every faction has a unique unit roster.
  • There are 18 factions in this mod-Altdorf, Middenheim, Araby, Brettonia, Wood Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Hordes of Chaos, Dwarfs, Ogres, Orcs+Goblins, Luccini, Kislev, Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Skaven, Dragon Islanders, Chaos Dwarfs and the Lizardmen. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and individual victory conditions.
  • Each faction has its own part of the new campaign map, which, bearing in mind the limits and nature of the game, is reasonably accurate. The campaign is still technically a beta, but is stable enough to play.
  • Unique building trees for each of the factions.
  • New loading screens with a Warhammer Fantasy theme.



  • Jubal_Barca (Mod Leader)
  • LJF
  • Legio Caesar

Beta Testers

  • Ole-Warhammer
  • Enthes
  • Stormcloud
  • Paedelis of Ulthuan

Major Contributors

  • Murfios
  • Kuni
  • Raven Darkwing
  • Bwian
  • Comrade_General

Past Members of the Team

  • Simulation
  • Zibbit
  • Plattfisk
  • Elohim

Special Thanks To

  • Rstoner
  • HemilcoBarca
  • Ciaran_S
  • Halie Satanus
  • Quadrille
  • Zapp90
  • Minibomb74
  • The Europa Baraborum Team
  • The Citadel TW team
  • Alin
  • The Chivalry TW team
  • The Crusades TW team via the chiv TW team.
  • Blue Lotus TW team
  • FATW Team
  • End of Days team
  • Mythology TW team
  • shifty157

Visual Material

WHTW1.jpg WHTW2.jpg WHTW3.jpg WHTW4.jpg

External Links

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