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A Witch is a character in M2TW that appears in provinces with a high percentage of Heretical religious worship. She spreads heresy further wherever she goes. A witch can be destroyed by a Priest or Imam using his denounce ability. If the Priest or Imam fails there is a chance the witch will kill the Priest depending on her Magic stat.


Witches may appear suddenly in regions that have high Heresy. Witches also spread Heresy in the regions they are in. They move about the campaign map, approaching characters. A Witch can 'curse' a general, giving him negative traits, and may make the character believe he has been struck by an un-holy affliction. A Witch has a better chance at cursing a general if she has a high Magic rating.

These traits include:

Flatulent "Ever since this man's encounter with that horrid pagan crone his stomach has been turning endlessly.": -2 Command -1 authority -2 morale for troops on battle field

Warts Not so proudly wearing a cluster of warts on his face, no doubt the work of a vile witch.-1 command -1 morale for troops on battle field


Witches, like Heretics, can be denounced by priests, imams, or cardinals. They are very vulnerable to Great Imams and Cardinals

If you have a priest which has a low piety rating, then call your assassin! You can assassinate a witch and no one will get angry at you! Since the witch is a Rebel and she is hunted by all factions, you can "take care" of her, you might sometimes get a mission from the Pope to get her assassinated as well!

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