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Xenophonia sig.gif

Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Audio Pack
EraMiddle Ages
Mod Leader Beiss
Release Status v2 Beta
Forum / Thread Here


Xenophonia is a mod for M2TW. It replaces several factions' speech with their native languages, making them speak e.g. German, French or Italian instead of broken English. This has so far been accomplished by extracting sounds from the localized versions of the game and implementing them into the English version, replacing many samples and adding many more.


Xenophonia makes many of the factions in the game speak their modern-day language, or one somewhat similar to it:

  • the Danish will speak a "neutral" kind of German
  • the Germans will speak an "imperial" kind of German
  • the French will speak French
  • the Italian factions will speak Italian
  • the Russians and the Polish will speak Russian
  • the Spanish will speak Spanish

Additionally, if the Americas Campaign is installed, the Aztecs in Vanilla M2TW will speak English in a Native American accent.

The Team

Xenophonia is no longer under development. Mod leader Beiss is still around to answer questions and fix bugs.

[I'll have to come back to you with a full list of contributors]

Included Mods



Beiss created Xenophonia after it became clear that the developers had decided to make the factions in M2TW speak English in various accents, as in RTW, rather than letting them speak their real languages, as was done in Shogun and the original MTW. After requesting owners of localized versions of the game to send him the audio files from their copies and debating with people arguing having people in the game speak languages they didn't understand would make the game unplayable, Beiss made a compilation of these audio samples, did some editing of the sound text files and created Xenophonia 1, which required replacement of the original sound packs in the game, creating compability issues with other mods. For this reason, Xenophonia 2 was created, installing in its own mod folder for maximum compability. This also made Xenophonia easier to combine with other, major mods.

visual material

Since Xenophonia is strictly an audio modification, there is no visual material.


Unfortunately, the mod is now officially dead, following a statement by Mod leader Beiss. Lack of available voice actors forced the mod to grind to a halt. Beiss is still accepting people to participate as voice actors, as long as they have the time commitment to for it.

External Links

Xenophonia Website

Hosted Forum on TWC

Download Hosted on TWC

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