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British East India Company - The Indian Mutiny

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British East India Company - The Indian Mutiny
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraIndian Mutiny
Mod Leader shokh
Release Status 1.0
Forum / Thread Here


The British East India Company - The Indian Mutiny is a historical based full conversion mod that gives you the opportunity to relive India's struggle for independence in 1857.


Map Overview
  • Darthmod AI. This gives you a much greater challenge than vanilla and will surprise you with some cunning manouvers.
  • New and enchanced campaign.The Campaign now focuses on more India, the campaign start time is in early spring 1857. The range of armies has been reduced, and to compensate for this one turn time is one week. This mod is much more focused on land warfare and less on naval warfare. The campaign AI has been tweaked so that the AI controlled factions will now focus more on armies and building it's economy, meaning that the AI can field bigger armies which adds to the challenge. Overall the campaign has been tuned to give you a true Total War experience!
  • Unit sizes represent how outnumbered the East India Company infantry are with a typical company infantry unit having about 150-200 men while a native indian unit may have up too 400 men.
  • Unit stats have been changed so that the Company infantry, despite having less men they are trained much better and have quality equipment while the native Indian troops are not as well trained and their equipment is not to the same standard. This does not mean native Indian troops are peasants, they also have elite infantry.
  • New, beautifal loading screens that add to the depth and immersion of the mod.
  • New campaign models.
  • All units in India have been handmade to be more historically accurate.
  • Artillery models from American Civil War : The Blue and the Gray
  • All factions have their own pros and contras, meaning all factions in India feel different and add to the replay ability.
  • Unit recruitment and upkeep costs have been tweaked to make the mod more realistic. Artillery is now much more expensive but still an essential part of your armies.
  • Factions redone. The factions are: British Loyal Alliance which includes the British East India Company(with loyal Sepoys) and the Princely States(loyal 21 states). The other faction, being the Indian one is called the Rebels they include the Indian rebels and seven Princely states.

The team and Contributors


  • Sultan Khan
  • Hussain Baksh Amritsari
  • Bismillah Khan
  • Sachdev
  • Houtblazer
  • R. Carlos Nakai
  • Dave Swarbrick
  • Brand X Music
  • Two Steps from Hell
  • Dead can dance
  • Audiomaschine

Visual Material

External Links

British East India Company - The Indian Mutiny Subforum

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