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Bronze Shield Pikemen (RTW Unit)

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Bronze Shield Pikemen (RTW Unit)
Bronze shield info2.png
Class Spearman
Unit Size 241
Weaponry Spear, Shield
Morale 8
Melee Attack 10
Ranged Attack
Defence 14
Charge Bonus 4
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 690
Upkeep Cost 360
Turns to Build 2
Unit Limit None
Building Requirements Army Barracks
Technology Requirements None
Attributes Superior, Disciplined, Hardy, Can Form Phalanx, Sapping Ability

-bronze shieldsmall.png Bronze shields are the elite of the army of Pontus, among the heirs of the world-conquering phalanxes of Alexander!


Bronze shields are the elite of the army of Pontus, heirs to the world-conquering phalanxes of Alexander! They are lightly armoured and carry a small shield, and each carries an enormously long pike, or sarissa. This 4-5m long spear allows up to five ranks of Bronze Shields to bring their weapons to bear on the enemy, while those further back can protect the front ranks by angling their pikes to deflect missile fire. When deployed as a phalanx they are extremely formidable unless outflanked, attacked from the rear or subjected to intense missile fire. Their superior discipline, training and espirit de corps makes them slow to tire on the battlefield as well.

Bronze shields are the successors to the hoplite warrior traditions of Greece and Macedonia; to carry a bronze shield means that you are worthy of honour and that your family has social standing.


Bronze shield pikemen are the finest infantry Pontus can recruit, Bronze shields can form the backbone to a Pontic battleline holding off the enemy while allowing other pontic units to flank and attack from behind. The attack and defence of the Bronze shields allows them to hold their own in battle longer then standard pikemen. However Bronze shields will struggle against the later and stronger units of other factions such as Greek Spartan Hoplites, Carthaginian Sacred Band and Roman Legionaries.

While the Bronze shields lack the higher defense of the regular Pontic pikemen they make up for this by more men within a unit and higher moral allowing them to last longer in a fight.


  • Pontus Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Pontus
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