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Deus lo Vult

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Deus lo Vult
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Campaign Enhancement
Mod Leader Repman
Release Status Version 6.2
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Deus lo Vult (commonly abbreviated as DLV) is a modification for Medieval 2: Total War which focuses on creating an accurate medieval atmosphere. It is also the first mod for Medieval 2 which in overtime has achieved an immense success and Fan support. The mod features a big campaign map and many scripts and is meant to be played in a more slow and strategic manner. The Mod gives the player the possibility to write his personal history and requires a lot more strategic thinking during game play. In each campaign can the player decide which of the DLV features he wants to activate. It contains more medieval plus graphical elements (remember MTW I): Heraldic Titles, Civil War etc. DLV provides the environment of roleplay to the player where characters (Generals, Princesses,...) have a more medieval based trait and ancillary system. The player will be more attached emotionally to his characters because he has to make a lot of decisions during the lifecycle: education, training, governor, military ranks, prison & retirement. DLV also contains more logistical\strategic parameters than the standard ones like supply lines where he player has choose it in order to make it movable. Advanced Battle, Campaign System & new battle animations etc further mesmerizes the player.


Grand Campaign and Map

DLV Campaigns

DLV provides two separate paths to begin the Grand campaign which is either Imperial Campaign similar to vanilla or Historical campaign.

  • The DLV Default Campaign is set up to be a slower build, more "Civ" like experience. You can expect lots of rebel stacks to slow you down in the beginning, " Hoops" you need to jump through to build certain important buildings and a high emphasis on "role-playing" game dynamics.
  • The Historical Campaign which is accessible from the Custom Campaign screen, emphasizes more historical starting positions for factions and royal family members. There are fewer rebel territories at the beginning of the game. Weak factions are weaker, strong factions are stronger and you will find yourself in conflict with the AI earlier in the game.

DLV uses the bigmap from Spurius but with more new regions (Baltic, Iberia, Anatolia...) The noticeable features of DLV's map are:-

  • More space results in more field battles
  • Adapted many elements as rivers, climates,....
  • New models for Resources (thanks to Maced0n from MetroNavalMod)
  • New strat models for sea blockade, siege and trade routes thanks to riczu74
  • Historical provinces names: thanks to wanderingwayne
  • Reduced winter movements
  • Adapted Americas map fromMiak
  • Isilendil and Tyre: new strat models: faction leader, heir, general, captain….
  • Many (> 200) permanent stone forts in all campaigns

Regions Preview

Below is the campaign map preview from few regions inside DLV.


New Factions

DLV factions.jpg
DLV Units Preview

DLV contains 8 brand new factions in addition to the vanilla ones these are Ireland, Armenia, Lithuania, Teutonic Order, Flanders, Norway, Kingdom of Jerusalem and Hedjaz Tribes. Some minimods have changed the Native Americas faction slot for Aragon, Sweden.

The New factions contain brand new units at your disposal which gives you a winning edge over the AI factions. DLV uses Historically accurate Character Names (CNP 3.0) & all Factions are hording (as in BI) after capture of their last settlement).

DLV's Game Elements

Below is the detailed info on the unique gameplay system DLV provides.

Career System

Crowns, Swords and Standards

DLV provides the player with a enhanced roleplay system that is for eg. Once a boy reaches the age of 14(general), you may choose a career path for him. In order to train a general, you must send him of to a Drill Square inside a castle. For a governor, you need to construct a School building, inside a city. You may upgrade to a university in later city stages.

Heraldic Ranks

The Heraldic Rank System has been expanded to now include Byzantine, Moors, Egyptian and Turkish factions. All European factions (including Russian) were included in the 1.9 release. Byzantine and Islamic factions have unique rank names. They receive their banners (Imperial Army Banner or Banner of the Prophet) at Rank 4 (Knight Commander equivalent) which provides a nice morale boost to their army. Also, promotions to the next rank for all factions can now be had through victory on the battlefield in addition to time campaigning.

Military Career

The life of a general is not that simple in DLV as it used to be in vanilla. Here the player has to work hard to build the military career of his general. Military career has:-

a. Ranks of low station (Squire & Knight) have negative morale effect

b. Knight Bannerets and above get positive traits and banners (Imperial Army Banner or Banner of the Prophet) at Rank 4 (Knight Commander equivalent)Banners with positive morale boost -- 54 unique banner ancillaries by Tokus*Maximus: 40 for Knight Bannerets, 10 for Knight Commanders, 4 for Knights Grand Cross.

c. Epithets for Knight Commanders and KGCs Promotions to the next rank can now come through three means: - Campaign Experience (time in the saddle), - Heroic Victory (%chance), - Command Experience (more battles where led, higher % chance of promotion).

Military Career
Governor Career

Governor Career

The life of a Governor is Deus lo Vult is less hectic, but there are still dangers as he is more easily prone to face disease from local plagues. By staying in settlements the turn a building is finished, the governor be the one to cut the ribbon and receive the glory. This may put him in a position to receive gifts from the Royal like for loyal service. This range from Ring -> Coin -> Key and will be very a valuable sentimental gifts in times of chaos.

Command Experience

Generals now have a trait that records number of battles in which they have led the army. Generals which have never or seldom led an army in battle get Authority and Hit Point penalties (they don't know how to handle themselves on the battlefield). This trait improves by commanding more battles. Royal heirs who just sit in their castles waiting to be crowned King start off with an Authority penalty as a result.

Retire old Generals

If Generals are getting over the age of 60 they are too old for the battlefield and you can retire them into governors. Nobles over the age of 60 must travel to the capitol to seek an audience with the King to receive a retirement decision. If they end their turn in the capitol with a building >= town_hall, and the King is present, then a window will popup “Retiring General”. Open the Character Overview Panel and click on the retirement character. A window will pop up “Retire this general ?” and you have to decide:

  • Yes - This honorable general will be retired and continue to do his excellent work as a governor

The retirement and governor inauguration procedure cost 1000 Fl.

  • No - We need your excellent capabilities on the battlefield. So your retirement wish will be refused!

Military & Civil War

Mercenary Buildings

Mercenary buildings are available in your metropolis castles (Name in capital letters). After these buildings are constructed, a mercenary trader may pop up from time to time and will offer some exotic mercs (random chosen) to you.


War Draft

A War Draft is a system were the King signs a declaration to recruit vast amount of his people by sword point. Before a new war against a new faction is declare, a message will give you the choice to accept or decline such conscription. It will cost extra Fl. and some discontent among your followers is expected, but the pool is massive.

Garrison script

All settlements now raise garrisons for their defense when besieged, depending on the faction owner. In fact, every settlement has a unique garrison scheme. The garrison is raised at the time an invading army lays siege so having a spy open the gates or bringing up your own siege equipment does not bypass the garrison. This simulates the idea that the feudal system was basically a system for defense (standing armies being very expensive) and on the approach of an invading army, the knights, yeomanry and peasantry in the settlement and surrounding countryside rally to the defense. The size of the garrison depends not only on the importance of the settlement but also on the local zeal of the citizenry. New changes were done to Deus lo Vult 5.73. Now, these defensive action will only happened with player-AI -interaction, and not AI-AI -interaction. Only possible every 10 turns.

Civil War System

DLV offers a very unique and intriguing Civil war system which was incorporated from BBB mod + Drakkens enhancements. If offers:-

Rebellion: Nobles can rebel, create unrest and become quite immobile and don't obey orders if:-

  • a King gets his Faction excommunicated and his piety is not high
  • a King runs his Kingdom's treasury into the ground.
  • the larger an Empire the greater the chance: those further afield from the capital are getting more disloyal (Crusaders are immune) which is reversible.
  • stripping your nobles of their titles.
  • a new King ascends to the throne, particularly if he has low Authority.
  • a new King is uncrowned (has not returned to the capitol or already has 8 ancillaries [transfer some of them to another character])

Offends the Nobility\Inspire Civil War\Gov_Point budget:- There are 3 Trait Levels of your Factionleader:

  • Offend the Nobility: you lose -10 gov_points: civil war prepare.
  • Inspire Civil War : you lose -20 gov_points: civil war starts.
  • Inspire Civil War + 0 gov_points for several turns: civil war total: Rebel insurrections plus Neighboring Factions could try to attack.

Economic System

Diplomacy & Economy

DLV used the diplomacy system from the Ultimate AI mod. For Deus lo Vult 6.0, GrandViz new BC diplomacy values were used. This meant no more easy trade rights,.....(faction standings are more important now).

Economic Status Overview screen

Shown in the financial overview popups: It's calculated by the stochastic economic +- events: -5 Depression (all economic events are negative)... 0 normal....+5 Overheated Boom (all economic events are positive)

Investment Script

The Investment Script was included in the Deus lo Vult 6.1 release. If the player has more than 10000 Fl. available and has built a bank or Jewish temple, he can invest money in steps of 10000 Fl. each turn up to a maximum of 100000 Fl. depot. Investing has two advantages:

  • Earning money
  • Avoiding negative inflation effects because of money overflow.

Information about the actual depot level and the possibility to invest\sell, all of it can be found in the financial overview screen. Interest on the savings will be calculated dependent on the actual total economic status (20% boom,....0% Depression) and added to the actual player money (not the depot). There is although a risk of total loss (Madloff) dependent on economic status (< 10% per turn). A little fee of 10% for invest\sell transactions will be subtracted..... Each invest of 10000 adds 1 gov_point.

Money Loan Script

If the player has less than 0 Fl. and has built a bank or Jewish temple, he can loan money in steps of 10000 Fl. each turn up to a maximum of 100000 Fl. credit line. Information about the actual credit level and the possibility to get more loans\or repay all of them, all of it can be found in the financial overview screen. Interest on the credit will be calculated dependent on the actual total economic status (20% boom,....0% Depression) and subtracted from the actual player money (not added to the credit). A little fee of 10% for each loan\repay transactions will be subtracted..... Each loan of 10000 subtracts 1 gov_point.

Gambler event

If you have a tavern built, a gambler will ask sometimes for a quick game. If you accept (loose 2 gov_points and earn gambling traits, loyal for generals, disloyal for governors) then you have to bet 5000 Fl. and the win probability is 50%. Decline give disloyal generals.

Inflation Script

The Inflation Script adds extra inflation cost to the Field Cost Script and Settlement Cost Script if the player exceeds 50000Fl. and even more if the player exceeds 100000 Fl. Enhanced settlement costs depending on your treasury surplus.

Optional Scripts:

Player can decide during first turn which DLV features he wants to activate. The player may automatically choose between a number of different scripts to be activated or declined in the 1st turn pop-ups. The following scripts are therefore only the human player or a host in Hotseat campaign.

Trait based Cavalry recruitment

Any buildings can only be constructed if you have a character (general or governor) in your settlement. Cavalry troops are the most valuable troops on the battlefield, so your general needs the adequate military career trait level in the higher stable buildings (> stables) in castles to recruit the higher cavalry troops.

Calculation is based on the actual real governor in the castle !!!

  • Rank Knight--> knights_stables troops
  • Rank Banneret --> barons_stables troops
  • Rank Commander --> earls_stables troops
  • Rank GrandCross --> kings_stables troops
  • Rank Faction Leader + Crown --> kings_stables troops

Field Cost script

Field Army Costs:

  • Besieging army costs 2000 Fl. plus 500 Fl. for each additional named general beyond the first
  • Army in enemy territory costs 500 Fl. plus 500 Fl. for each additional named general beyond the first
  • Army in friendly territory (outside a settlement) costs 200 Fl. +200 Fl. each additional named general beyond the first
  • Army in fort (captain-led) has zero cost (so you can set up forts on the frontier as a defensive strategy)
  • Army in fort led by a named general costs 500 Fl. (enemy lands) or 200 Fl. (friendly lands) plus 500 or 200 Fl. extra for each additional Named General beyond the first
  • Army in a settlement - no additional cost

Assassins and Spies:

  • they cost 500 Fl. each per turn in enemy land.

Diplomats and princesses:

  • They cost 300 Fl. each per turn in enemy land.

The Inflation Script will influence this Script. Individual cost can also be checked in game.

Settlement Cost Script

Upkeeping a large Citadel or massive city did take its toll on a King's treasury, ergo: The Settlement Cost Script will add cost related to settlement level within your Kingdom. Motte & Baily cost little to upkeep, while in stages, Huge Walls or Citadels cost the most. The Inflation Script will influence this Script. Individual cost can also be checked in game.

Points system in DLV, Mil/gov.

DLV Points System

The player can collect government points (gov_points) and military points (mil_points) depending on his actions. Higher settlement levels can only be achieved by adequate point levels: No points no upgrading (even if the other population requirements are fulfilled) not only for the player but although for the AI (so player and AI stay on the same levels): Point requirements:

City upgrade:

  • Corn Exchange: gov_points > 10
  • Market: gov_points > 30
  • Fairground: gov_points > 60
  • Great Market: gov_points > 100

Castle upgrade:

  • Garrison Quarters: mil_points > 10
  • Drill Square: mil_points > 30
  • Baracks: mil_points > 60
  • Armoury: mil_points > 100

Governor Points: Dependent on your economical or political actions as a governor you can get or loose Governmental Points!

  • SettlementLoyaltyLevel: -1, for unhappy ones
  • CityRebels: -2
  • BecomesFactionLeader: -1
  • PopeAcceptsCrusadeTarget: +1
  • PopeRejectsCrusadeTarget: -1
  • CharacterMarriesPrincess: +1
  • PriestBecomesHeretic: -1
  • CardinalPromoted: +1
  • CardinalRemoved: -1
  • InquisitorAppointed: +1
  • SettlementUpgraded: +1
  • GuildUpgraded: +1
  • GuildDestroyed: -1
  • FactionNewCapital: -1
  • FactionAllianceDeclared: +1
  • FactionTradeAgreementMade: +1
  • VotedForPope: +1
  • FactionExcommunicated: -3
  • FactionBreakAlliance: -2
  • Treasury: < 0, > 30000, > 60000: -1,+1,+2
  • LeaderMissionSuccess, LeaderMissionFailed: +1, -1
  • MissionSucceeded: AssassinationMission, SpyMission, SabotageMission, DiplomacyMission: all +1
  • Events: Trade Fair +1, Royal_Justice +1, Money_Lender -1, War Draft -1 gov
  • Generals Disobedient: Disobeys His Liege -1, Rebels ! -2 each turn
  • Build wooden_wall, stone_wall, large_stone_wall, huge_stone_wall: -1, -2, -3, -4 each and once
  • every large_stone_wall, huge_stone_wall: -1, -2 each turn

Military Points: Dependent on your military actions as a general you can get or lose your Military Points!

  • LeaderMissionSuccess, LeaderMissionFailed: +1, -1
  • ArmyTakesCrusadeTarget: +1
  • UnitsDesertCrusade: -2
  • GeneralJoinCrusade: +1
  • GeneralAbandonCrusade: -1
  • GeneralArrivesCrusadeTargetRegion: +1
  • GeneralTakesCrusadeTarget: +3
  • GeneralCapture(loose)Settlement: +-1, +-2, +-3, +-4
  • SackSettlement: +1 (-1 gov)
  • ExterminatePopulation: +1 (-2 gov)
  • FactionWarDeclared: +1 (-1 gov)
  • LeaderDestroyedFaction: +5
  • Win, Loose Battle (Odds < 0.5, > 0.5, > 1): +-1, +-2, +-3
  • Events: War Draft +1, Tournament +1, Royal_hunt +1
  • Build wooden_castle, castle, fortress, citadel: -1, -2, -3, -4 each and only once
  • every fortress, citadel: -1, -2 each turn

Gov./Mil. Overview screen

To get an overview regarding your actual point status click on the button “Show faction ranking scroll” (click again if you see the normal ranking popup). You only get the 2 popups if you have more than 0 points.

AI Playstyle

In DLV u can choose during the start of campaign that how u want the AI behavior, choose yes if you want to play it total war style and no to choose to play DLV standard Civ like.(yes=Total War\no=DLV Standard Civ like). DLV uses GrandViz Ultimate AI 1.6

  • special win conditions; factions have specific goals
  • survival money infusion script for very small factions
  • Added a little money inflation effect for player and AI
  • More effective and active rebels

Misc features

Random Events

Every now and then, random events will strike your dominion, and threaten the king's health or trade in different sectors or perhaps religion itself. Trade Fairs, Religious Councils, Justice Council, Royal Hunt, etc.

Royal Justice

DLV's Royal Justice

Disobedient Generals can be thrown into dungeon or bribed into happiness Nobles that have the trait "Disobedient" must travel to the capitol to seek an audience with the King to receive a pardon. If they end their turn in the capitol with a building >= dungeon, and the King is present, then a window will popup “Royal Court”. Open the Character Overview Panel and click on the disobedient character. A window will pop up “Dungeon or Royal Pardon ?” and you have to decide:

  • Throw the character into the dungeon (the disloyal Noble will receive the trait "Thrown in the Dungeon"...essentially immobile + other bad traits, until released (% chance of release each turn, with average stay in the Dungeon being 5 years (10 turns)).
  • Give the royal pardon and bribe him with 3000 Fl.

The new buildings are dungeon, Execution Place, and last, Torture Chamber. These are only possible to construct in your metropolis settlements.

New Units

Rusichi mod units were added in Deus lo Vult 6.0. These were given to Russia, Kiev, Poland and Lithuania. Thanks to Taiji and Rusichi Team. CBUR units are added to Byzantine Empire, as well as a Armenia type, but also as rebels.

Soon to come

New units for Norway is likly to appear from Raaka in Deus lo Vult 6.3. You can pre-try Raaka's Norse Roster via Taiji's Mini Mod - Battle Balance.

Wonder Buildings

DLV's Wonders

10 new wonder buildings have been added after Deus lo Vult 5.74. These wonder-buildings are only buildable in large metropolis cities if gov points > 120:

  • Notre Dame de Paris, Paris.
  • Moskovskiy Kreml, Novgorod.
  • Mezquita de Cordoba, Cordoba.
  • Palazzo Ducale di Venezia, Venice.
  • Kaaba, Mecca.
  • Bayt al Hikma, Baghdad.
  • Hagia Sophia, Constantinople.
  • Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem.
  • Tower of London, London.
  • Roemer, Frankfurt.

Ecclesiastical Buildings

During the middle ages, new religious orders were created all across Europe. As time go, a event (pop-up) will tell the player of 2 new order-buildings available for construction in your cities. The one you choose will produce priests relating to that specific order, and can advance via 3 ecclesiastical ranks.

2 Catholic Orders: Dominicans (law and order) + Franciscans (spiritual) with 3 level-building tree and corresponding priest traits. Also, a unique system for Muslims (Sunni vs. Sufi) and eastern Europe.

Resource Buildings

Many new buildings are available. Each building depend on the resources in the hinterland around a settlement on the Campaign map, in order to be available in the in the Building que.

  • Brewery building: needs grain resource.
  • Joiner_shop
  • Sawmill
  • Vineyard
  • etc.

Health Buildings

Because of the increase risk of plague and filth in the medieval cities, you mason has presented new buildings:

  • Wells -> Sewers -> Public Baths -> Aqueduct -> City Plumbing.
DLV's Forts


Thanks to Furin, more than 200 permanent stone forts have been added in all campaigns. Now with these forts a player can defend and attack its enemies more effectively but the AI is also cunning and takes advantage of that so can capture your fort and use it as a base of further military operations.

War Horns

Thanks to Brips' mini mod, many new war battle horns can be heard while rallying your troops on the battle map.

Scenario Battles

The old Vanilla Scenario Battles have been disabled. Thanks to Pinotchet09, several new Scenario Battles have been added to Deus lo Vult. Included after v6.0

  • Battle of Herrings 1429 A.D.
  • Brignais 1362 A.D.
  • Mello 1358 A.D.
  • Mohacz 1526 A.D.
  • Orleans 1429 A.D.
  • Warna 1444 A.D.
  • Muret 1213 A.D.
  • Szekesfehervar 1096 A.D.
  • Los Navas De Tolosa 1212 A.D.
  • Lechfeld 955 A.D.
  • Frankenhausen 1525 A.D.
  • Ain Jalut 1260 A.D.


In hotseat campaign, the Host will be able to use the normal scripts, but any human player who join will not be affected by these (incl. career script, the optional scripts, etc.). The Multiplayer Battles work as normal.

DLV Game Guides

A useful DLV Handbook has been released by Repman. The Handbook is in pdf file can be downloaded from the Deus lo Vult 6.2 Installer thread.

Thanks to Xtiaan72, an extensive unofficial guide has be released for the beginners market, Strategy Guide for New Players (SGFNP). This guide has been in development for a long period and features an index, followed by many pages filled with hints and tips.


See many more AAR's in DLV's AAR Forum or search these in the General AAR Forum. Example of a DLV AAR: The Merchant of Venice

Team / Contributors

  • Repman (the "Creator")
  • Harry Lime
  • derDrakken: the New DLV Master.
  • Tokus Maximus: Graphical Artwork and Ideas (Artist Maximus Augustus).
  • Taiji: For unit balancing, animations, battle AI, battle mechanics, and also importing CBUR and Rusichi units.
  • Agis Tournas: Developer of the The DLV improvement Project Series and much more.
  • Lusted\Palamedes: EDU balancing
  • Boicote: Kiev Rus
  • Joedreck: banner, shields, graphics
  • Dearmad : smoke mod, cannon fix; traits/ancillary system
  • Spurius: (Big Map 1.06)
  • DeZzErX: Flanders
  • Renown: Traits/Ancillaries
  • Oda Nobunaga: Traits/Ancillaries Enhancements
  • Rawghi: Heraldic mod
  • Kobal2: Traits Bugfixer
  • Marcus Camillus: old Career System, refined by Drakken
  • GAFH modder: Age simulation

Further Contributions by:

  • Horsearcher
  • Burrek
  • Ordensritter
  • Eternal cocoon
  • Himmelsfeuer
  • Salty
  • plasticfigurine
  • WhiteWolf
  • zhumin1978
  • ziher
  • Maced0n
  • Silent Resident


  • Version 4.0 for M2TW official patch 1.2 released in this thread - 23/09/07
  • Version 5.5 for M2TW:Kingdoms (1.4) released in this thread - 30/03/08
  • Version 6.2 for M2TW:Kingdoms (1.4) released in this thread - 18/01/09

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