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End of Days

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End of Days
Platform Barbarian Invasion 1.6
Mod Type Total conversion
EraDark Ages
Mod Leader Halie Satanus
Release Status Full Release: Version 1.01
Forum / Thread Here
Campaign Map:
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End of days is a publicly released full conversion modification for Barbarian Invasion 1.6. Chronicling the rise of the Satanic nation of Magog, End of Days will transport you into an alternative history of darkness and evil. There are seven playable factions including; the Kingdom of Albion, the Nation of Islam, Francia, Germanicae, the Shambhala (Buddhist warrior monks), Hispania and the Satanae. The action starts in 666ad as the Dark Lords begin to gather their forces to bring darkness to the world and pave the way for the Anti-Christ.

End of Days is contained within its own mod-folder (with the only exception of the intro video) - so vanilla BI and any other mod-folder only mods remain playable.


  • Halie Satanus - Concept, unit models, textures and unit cards, 2D graphics and descriptions.
  • Makanyane - Coding and map alterations.

With additional units contributed by Shogo.



End of Days was released in this thread at TWC on February 18, 2007. A link to the download can be found in the thread.


  • Total conversion fantasy modification
  • Seven playable factions
  • All factions, mercenaries and rebels have entirely new units throughout
  • New strat map character models for all factions
  • Revised and extended campaign map
  • Extensive alterations to religious system
  • Completely re-designed 'darker' user interface

Faction Overview



The year is 666ad. The dark shadow of war has crossed the earth. The holy fathers have called all good Christian nations to wage crusades on the men of the east, after years of fighting, losses on both sides have taken a great toll on the people and the land, in the darkness something stirs. A new threat is rising, a nation of evil! Dark Lords have called the outcasts the unclean and the Godless to join them in a war against the nations of light, allied with the Vampyric tribes of the Carpathians they will form a powerful force in the coming war. Here you can command those dark forces and extinguish the light from the world!



The Kings of Hispania have embraced the growing Christian religion with open arms and their borders with the fledgling Islamic nation have been peaceful for almost twenty years. Their attempts to take the Holy Lands has failed and their best armies have been forced to make homes in far off lands. News has reached the Kings that a new threat has risen and the call to war must once again be made across their weakened nation.

There is a good variety of units available to a Hispanic general from the versatile militia spear men and dependable Tangier Men at Arms to the Caballeros de la Inquisicion and Caballeros de la Cruz (Knights of the Cross). The Hispanic nation will have to face a choice early on, whether to stay loyal to the Christian alliance and face the Islamic nation alone or to strike at the heart of Europe to gather riches enough to become the ultimate power after the End of Days.

The Kingdom of Albion


Albion the home of chivalry, of honour, and of legends. With the exodus of the heirs to Rome the land plunged into a time of darkness, old religions began to surface and even the Druids of old began once again to hold sway over the people. Uther, a wise and noble king has embraced the 'word' and rid his lands of the blasphemers and heretics once more. But in his heart Uther believes that his rightful place is as ruler of the lands once held by the legions of Rome, he believes that it is his legacy as the last direct descendent of the last emperor to bring the once great empire back to its former glory.

Albion can be a powerful nation in the End of Days with fanatical Templar armies and the longbows of Wales, you can also command the unwavering Kingsmen and axemen units who will not falter under a good general. You will have to make a choice though, whether to stay loyal to the Holy Fathers and protect Rome from the forces of evil, or to follow the heart of Uther and take the crown of Rome for yourself.



Francia was a wild and rebellious nation which was less than eager to fully embrace Christian doctrine, now with word from the east of the gathering of dark forces her Kings have joined together to protect Rome in what may be the ultimate battle for the souls of men, with their armies weakened by many of their best men going to the Holy Lands as mercenaries, the Kings of Francia know they face not only the coming threat of the Satanic nation but the tenuous alliance with their Christian neighbours.

The Kings of Francia have a difficult time ahead of them with their forces spread far apart and their position between Rome and any force that wishes to take the holy city as a prize. But these men are not faint hearted fools nor weak of virtue and strength, the same can be said of their forces.



King Manjushri Yashas gathered the religious leaders of Shambhala, specifically the brahman wise men to give them predictions and a warning. Eight hundred years in the future, in 624 AD, a non-Indic religion will arise in Mecca, this nation would be a threat to the Shambhala and their peaceful Buddhist beliefs and the darkness of war would follow this nation into their lands. Now the time of this prediction has passed and the Warlords of the Shambhala have sought the blessings of their holy men to raise armies to defend against these invaders.

The Shambhala will have a tough time in the coming wars, they are a warrior people but years of peaceful meditation have have left them ill prepared for the more tactically war-like nations they will face, that said do not think they are going to be anyone's whipping boys, there is a tactical key to the Shambhala but finding it in the face of overwhelming enemies is not for the faint hearted.

The Nation of Islam


The Nation of Islam is on the rise, for too long they have suffered occupation of the holy lands by the Kings of Europe but no more. New leaders and powerful generals have sworn to lead their mighty armies in a holy war to rid their lands of the infidel and so far they have been very successful, but now a new threat has come to their doorstep a new foe has invaded their lands.

The nation of Islam will be the first nation to face the Satanae might and will find themselves besieged on all sides by enemies old and new. But Islam has been at war for a long time and has a variety of experienced units to face the coming wars.



These men are still the wild and untamed warriors of the north they have always been. War and death are a way of life and the hardships that come with them are more a test of strength than a hardship. The religious fever that has gripped their neighbours has been slow to take hold in the cold forbidding lands of the north but the promise of a good fight and plenty of riches will bring these men to war quicker than the promise of a roasted boar and a flagon of hot ale.

The Germanic Kings love a good fight and have many warriors who will follow them to war. The rise of the Teutonic order is in it's infancy but is gathering momentum and their well armed Knights will be a devastating force to be reckoned with in the coming conflict.

Papal Seal


The guardians of Rome; this faction is unplayable but as they possess some of the strongest units in the game and hold one of the most desired regions they cannot be ignored!

They also possess huge inspirational crosses that are carried to battle with their siege equipment!

Campaign Map


The campaign map for End of Days is based on the original Barbarian Invasion map with additional regions, islands and other alterations to suit the factions starting positions. The map extends further to the east than the vanilla map to accommodate the Shambhala - this extension to the map is based on part of the IBFD map, with their kind permission.

Regions are re-named to suit the time period and some mythological factors.

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