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export_units.txt is found in the RTW or RTW/BI/data/text folder. It simply provides the text that is shown in game for each unit.

Fortunately not having the relevant text inserted in this file does not cause a CTD you simply get "Unlocalised placement text" displayed instead of title / description.

Typical Entry

{graal_knights}	Graal Knights

Graal Knights are heavy cavalry drawn from the elite of Romano-British society. They keep....

Graal Knights are heavy cavalry drawn from the elite of....

In that example graal_knights must correspond to the dictionary line for the unit in export_descr_unit.txt. The title outside the brackets after that is the unit name that will be displayed where ever the unit is selected.

The second entry ...._descr is the long description displayed when you view the large unit info card.

The third entry ...._descr_short is a shorter entry displayed when you select units in the custom battle screen and when units are recruited.

When viewing unit info cards you will see some other information for instance attack and defence values, those parts are not added manually to the text files, they are generated automatically by the game from the statistics in export_descr_unit.txt.

Differences for M2TW


In M2TW this file appears instead as export_units.txt.strings.bin in the data/text folder the strings.bin files contain similar information to the text files in RTW but in a more awkward format.

This file can be modified by first converting back to a normal text file using the .strings.bin converter by Alpaca this allows the files in .strings.bin format to be converted to normal text files for editing.

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