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May 2005 crisis

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The crisis that came to be known as the May 2005 Crisis began with a hacker attack but became a larger problem after Moderator/Admin mismanagement. It is now part of TWC's history.

The beginning

In May 2005, a hacker attacked the site while Siblesz was in China. Siblesz gave total control of the site to Sulla, but Sulla had to leave for a while and so gave control of the site to Spartan.

The exodus

Spartan appointed a lot of new people as staff, including bringing back Crandar, who posed as Spartan at various points, banned people, and changed their account names around. Spartan, Crandar and co. vexed a vast number of old established members, most notably ex-"Triumvirs" Kazak borispavlovgrozny and GodEmperor Nicholas, causing them to leave the forums.

Peace returns

Ogre's Net upgraded the boards to vBulletin to stop the hacker attacks while Sulla returned and made peace with a number of people. Spartan then disappeared for months.


In the end, the boards went from primarily being controlled by Siblesz to exclusive control by Sulla.

Spartan was later made a Divus for his control of the site during much of the event, over the heated objections of one or two members. They accused him of having been irresponsible and not having done much to help.

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