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How to make an entirely new campaign map

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Making a new campaign map by Myrddraal is the bible for anyone making or amending a map for any of the Rome - Total War games. It was written before Medieval II - Total War came out, but as the map system is very similar nearly everything in the tutorial still applies.

The tutorial describes the function and content of the files and includes some very handy 'reminder' lists of valid colours for the map_climates.tga and map_ground_types.tga files, also the required sizes of all the map tga's. It includes advice on

  • Editing and adding new provinces,
  • Editing the size / shape of existing provinces / adding the shape of a new province to the map,
  • Editing / dding the culture resources and stats of provinces,
  • Changing / adding the ownership, town level and buildings in a settlement,
  • Changing / adding the name of a province as it appears on the campaign map,
  • Resizing the campaign map (note this is for adding an area to the map not stretching an existing one)

View tutorial here.

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