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Jubal Barca

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Mod leader of Warhammer Total War see Exilian Forums

Jubal came to site in January 2007 (actually he was the last user registered in 2006). He idiosyncratically wandered the boards for a few months before starting to mod Warhammer; Total War. He quickly expanded his ramblings into the Vestigia Vetustatis and the Mudpit, before eventually pretty much giving up on both of them. He edited a huge compilation of TWC members known as 'A Short Encyclopaedia of Total War Center', and introduced the now at least moderately popular game of Mafia into Total War Center. He was patronised by the Black Prince

His posting style in debates tends to be quirky and often humourous, cynical or sarcastic, frequently poking jibes and adopting different personas to make his point. He is somewhat rabidly left wing and liberal, and has a deep hatred for racism and agressive nationalism. This has not only featured in the mudpit, but also in the Curia, where in 2012 he made several major posts advocating a return to a more democratic Curial system along with Justinian.

His other work has included admin work at the Exilian, another modding site, including organising online gaming tournaments between there and TWC. The Exilian and TWC both host some of his mod projects, including Warhammer Total War, Narnia Total War, and Mount & Blade; Southern Realms.

He doesn't live in dorset, doesn't have a wife and doesn't have two children.

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