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Muscogee Tribesmen (ETW Unit)

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Muscogee Tribesmen (ETW Unit)
Cherokee muscogee elite tribesmen info infb.png
Class Skimishers
Unit Size 120 Men
  • Bows
  • Tomahawks
  • Morale
    Melee Attack
    Ranged Attack
    Charge Bonus
    Region The Americas
    Recruitment Cost 960
    Upkeep Cost 240
    Turns to Build
    Unit Limit
    Building Requirements Gunsmith
    Technology Requirements None
  • Can Hide in Woodland
  • Can Hide in Light scrub
  • Resistant to Heat Fatigue
  • Paths Seldom Trod
  • Can Hide in Long Grass
  • Remains Hidden whilst Walking
  • Good Stamina

  • Cherokee muscogee elite tribesmen.png These elite bowmen have honed their skills with the bow through years of practice in warfare and hunting.


    Muscogee bowmen are deadly shots, capable of shooting the shiny buttons off a European soldier at one hundred paces! Their warrior spirit encourages competition, and this healthy competition encourages the warrior spirit. Trained from an early age, these men use their bows to feed their families and for protection. They are specialists in skirmish warfare, and provide assistance to the main force of the tribe, protecting against enemy skirmish attacks and harassing the foe where possible.

    Historically, the Muscogee and Cherokee relationship with the European powers was a rocky one. During the French and Indian War they sided with the British, but this alliance was far from settled. As the war progressed, the conduct of British soldiers angered the Cherokee; renegade troops committed terrible crimes against Cherokee women and children when the warriors were away. This eventually prompted the Cherokee and their allies to attack the British, and their war continued until peace was declared between France and Britain in 1763. The Cherokee eventually made peace in November of that year.


    Muscogee Tribesmen are a unique unit available only to the Cherokee Nations in the Warpath Campaign. They are elite skirmishers how can unleash volleys of deadly accurate arrows upon the enemy. Their good hiding abilities combined with their high accuracy means that they are perfect for setting up deadly ambushes for unsuspecting enemy lines. Whilst their melee skills are decent, they will likely be defeated by Line Infantry armed with bayonets unless supported with other infantry units.


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