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Beginnings of the Legend

Osceola is a true old-timer of TWC, and a grumpy one at that. Having registered on October 09, 2004 under the name of The Sword of Cao Cao. This name is either Chinese in origin, or Chilean. Cao Cao was known for his firm stances and refusal to back down, and wasn not exactly popular. However, he changed his name to Vindicare (strangely enough he has no idea what that says in latin) in 2008, and people suddenly realized not only was he one of the unfriendliest members on twc, but he was also .. absurdly cool.

Shortly before he was suspended until February of 2009, he had his name changed once again, to reflect his proud Floridian heritage and to remind him, that even though he may lie, imprisoned in the wasteland of North Alabama, he will always be some miniscule amount Seminole in heritage, and thus an ultra nationalist Floridian. Changing his name to Osceola, who was apparently some ridiculously badass dude from Florida, Osceola is forever reminding himself of his distant memory homeland, by spending most of his days attempting to keep his tan.

*NOTE: It should be noted Osceola reportedly hates and trolls based on, nationalism, however seeing as Florida is nothing more then a sunny place where old people go to retire, Oscy apparently sees his brand of it, as a welcome exception.

His Rep Crown Studded TWC Career

Osceola is mostly known for his epic trolling, but there is more to the man than just clever ways to get people infracted. Osceola has a keen interest in ancient history, most notably in early civilizations of the Middle East. To put it in less impressive terms, it has been reported that he was very fond of the ancient Egyptians, so much so he even composed a sound track for killerxguys ne'er be finished mod, the erroneously named "Ancient Egypt." He is also a Japanaholic or Sinophile, or whatever the term is, but this is not founded on anime, or even in any way related to anime. Osceola is of the opinion that anime is weird, and it's fanbase even worse. It is rumoured, for example, that on his mythical forum of Shambhala, posting hentai will earn oneself a permaban, while posting actual porn will earn oneself rep. This is how deep Osceola's hate for the weeaboo subculture, truly goes. Osceola has been sent before the CdeC numerous times, but he has failed each vote because Councillors were worried about his tendency to flame his enemies.

Osceola, who now apparently goes by "Oscy" not to be confused with Octy, struck a random and completely unfounded friendship with The Sundance Kid in late 2008. The friendship blossomed for some completely unknown reason, and according to unverified legend this romantic tryst led to the both of them co-founding a semi-mythical forum supposedly called "Shambhala" in late 2008.

Rumours of His Demise?

Osceola has not been spotted on TWC since, and is officially listed as missing in action, leaving some to wonder if "Shambhala" is truly a myth or not.

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