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Shambhala, the refuge of the damned, is an underground spinoff site (as well as the one of the only two successful spinoffs) of the Total War Center, founded by Osceola and The Sundance Kid in October 2008 (as well as recruiting Boeing to do the technical work), as a response to both TWC's strict Terms of Service, which many members felt were castrating free speech on the site, and Anagennese, the more famous and high-profile spinoff site of TWC. The Sundance Kid had been a member of Anagennese and noted how it had maintained its elitist attitudes towards new applicants, and wanted to create a similar haven where anyone could join if they wanted. The site is said to be ruled by the ESFTS #7, although this has been dismissed as an ancient myth.


Joining Shambhala could not be easier; the link is available by messaging any member, especially Sundance, Boeing, Magic Man or Osceola (though the latter two are currently suspended). Once there, an account is freely creatable and all forums open to all members.

The Administrators retain all rights to ban people they believe are detrimental to the site as a whole, yet will review their decisions if a public outcry is made. This clause was added due to the disputed banning of Magic Man from the Anagennese forums in Summer 2008, as he was let in to the site after a member voted yes on him multiple times, giving him a majority that was later noticed and corrected.


There are forums for all possible types of discussion on Shambhala, including a general chatroom, games discussions, the arts and many more. There are absolutely no swear filters and some might consider the site's content offensive. There have been a few minor difficulties in the past, but now Shambhala is back to normal.

There have been many epochs of Shambhala:

  • Shambhala Original
  • Bagelhala - A Bagel Theme (presided over by King MacBagel I)
  • Ye Olde Shambhala - A Medieval Theme
  • Sham Diego - An 'Anchorman' Theme
  • Shirebhala - A Lord of the Rings Theme
  • Kemetbhala - An Ancient Egyptian Theme
  • Naboohala - A short-lived attempt to vilify Episode I
  • Coruscanthala - A Star Wars Theme
  • Sham-Oldgamer-hala - After Oldgamer (or someone pretending to be him) joined Shambhala, the Shambhala Faithful joined together to repel him.
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