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Anagennese is a spin off forum of Total War Center that was first established during the may 2005 crisis to resist the moderation of Crandar. When founded by Kazak borispavlovgrozny every single member had moderator powers under the philosophy that self-moderation would prove more constructive than the draconian policies of the contemporary TWC forums. Membership is strictly by invite only.

The site went through several evolutions in its governance. While site policy is still dictated primarily by the will of the majority, the strategoi (admins) were forced to most members moderation powers to their own threads and posts, although al members can still post in "closed" threads. Global moderator powers are now limited to a select few in order to prevent disagreements between members from damaging the forum. The site no longer relies on its obscure URL to limit its membership. Users seeking admission to the site must appeal to a fake Crandar in the Noobitorium and then be admitted by vote of the current membership.


The original Strategoi of Anagennese are Kazak borispavlovgrozny, Frood, GodEmperor Nicholas, NecroBrit, and Nihil. Currently the site is run by mostly by its members who have creative control over the content, relieving Kazak borispavlovgrozny and Nihil from any pesky moderating duties.

Active Members

Anagennese has many inactive members, the current active ones being:

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