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Princess Luna

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Princess Luna

Moderator of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Director of Content, Moderator, Citizen
Patron of:N/A

The user

Princess Luna is a Librarian and Local Moderator, fairly well-known inside Thema Devia and The Scriptorium. He has not yet released the mods he is currently working on.


The user Princess Luna joined TWC on October 17, 2010. The cause of this was a problem in getting the mod "Europa Barbarorum" to work.

He then started a long period of doing nothing until one day, for unknown reasons, he started to be more active. He spammed the Coliseum and Thema Devia until he reached around 400 posts. Then a period of actually contributing to the site began. He started some mods and helped out on others.

Princess Luna followed the "Blue Fever" trend of early 2012 in Thema Devia, joining the Librarian branch of the staff. He also tagged along with Pasan's plan to take over organization and moderation of the Game Reviews section. In 2013 he became a citizen, a moderator and a deputy-chief librarian.

In the past, he created his own TWC comic, A Murder in the Coliseum, which was very popular in Thema Devia.

His three most recent changes in persona were due to his induction into the Brony Herd during February 2012.

Modding Projects

  • Kingdoms and Empires


Vаtterholm, Dwight Schrute, Lemon Cat, Cheerilee, Queen Chrysalis, Princess Luna (current).

Older Avatars


Librarian radadir new.png LM badge.png

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