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Speaker of the House

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Speaker of the house rahl.png

The Speaker of the House was a unique member of the Hexagon Council elected by the Curia lasting from 2007 into 2008 as part of the extensive staff reforms following Ian's purchase of the site. They had their own badge and broad access to the forum, although they did not have access to the most sensitive administrative tools. Their purpose was to represent the Curia in administrative discussion. Additionally they were the voice of Hex when important communications needed to be announced to the Curia directly. Finally, they took on tasks such as handling citizen appointments and open ratifications of members of Staff in the days when the Curia could directly oversee staff appointments.

The position was abolished in mid 2008 due to the role being far less practical than originally dreamed to be.

List of Holders

Obi Wan Asterix (March 20th 2007 - May 26th 2007)

Tom Paine (May 26th 2007 - October 24th 2007)

Erich von Manstein (October 24th 2007 - April 25th 2008)

Constitution Text

"Speaker of the House
Represents the Curia on the Council
The Speaker of the House is elected by the Curia, as per the procedure in Section 2 Article 2, from among those members ranked as Citizen, and will serve a term of three months."


The mace on the badge of the Speaker referenced the Speaker's Mace found in a variety of real-life political systems, including the US Representatives and the British House of Commons.

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