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Transfer Barbarian Buildings from BI to RTW

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This article is based on a tutorial originally posted by Lusted at TWC - unfortunately the download of descr_items.db which was originally supplied with the tutorial is no longer available. There may therefore be some problems getting the new buildings to appear in the battle map. Some modders have since managed to get buildings onto the battle map using files from the BareBonesWars mod. See the .org thread here for download of those and discussion.

Procedure was tested in 1.5, and should work in 1.3.

This tutorial relates to all Barbarian Buildings contained in BI and transferring them to RTW, and giving the Barbarian factins in RTw all city levels. This is a rather complex process at times but ill try to make it as simple as possible.

Transferring files from Bi to RTW:

You will need to copy the following from BI and paste them in the relevant folders in the RTw data folder.

  • bi\data\settlement_plans - barbarian_huge_city.txt, barbarian_large_city.txt
  • bi\data\settlement_plans\street_plans - barbarian_huge_city_pathfinding.CAS, *barbarian_large_city_pathfinding.CAS
  • bi\data\settlement_plans\overlays - barbarian_huge_city_overlay.CAS, barbarian_large_city_overlay.CAS
  • bi\data\settlement_plans\underlays - barbarian_huge_city_underlay.CAS, barbarian_large_city_underlay.CAS
  • bi\data\ui\barbarian\buildings - best to copy everything to be on the safe side
  • bi\data\models_strat\residences - everything
  • bi\data\models_strat\residences\textures - everything
  • bi\data\models_building - everything, and all sub folders
  • bi\data\items - every file beginning with BI_
  • bi\data\descr_building_battle - everything

Getting buildings in the campaign

Next, we will need to assign the Barbarians all city levels. Open up the descr_cultures.txt from RTW and replace the barbarian section with this from the Bi one:

culture					barbarian
portrait_mapping		barbarian
rebel_standard_index	1
	normal				data/models_strat/residences/barb_village.CAS,					settlement_barbarian_level_1					
	card				data/ui/barbarian/cities/barbarian_village.tga
	normal				data/models_strat/residences/barb_town_buildings.CAS,			settlement_barbarian_level_2
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_town_wall_1.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_walled_level_2
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_town_wall_2.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_walled_level_2
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_town_wall_2.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_walled_level_2
	card				data/ui/barbarian/cities/barbarian_town.tga
	normal				data/models_strat/residences/barb_large_town_buildings.CAS,		settlement_barbarian_level_2
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_large_town_wall_1.CAS,		settlement_barbarian_walled_level_3
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_large_town_wall_2.CAS,		settlement_barbarian_walled_level_3
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_large_town_wall_2.CAS,		settlement_barbarian_walled_level_3
	card				data/ui/barbarian/cities/barbarian_large_town.tga
	normal				data/models_strat/residences/barb_city_buildings.CAS,			settlement_barbarian_level_2
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_city_wall_1.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_walled_level_4
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/barb_city_wall_2.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_walled_level_4
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_city_wall_3.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_walled_level_4
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_city_wall_3.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_walled_level_4
	card				data/ui/barbarian/cities/barbarian_city.tga
	normal				bi/data/models_strat/residences/barb_large_city.CAS,			settlement_barbarian_level_2
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_large_city_wall_1.CAS		settlement_roman_walled_level_5
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_large_city_wall_2.CAS		settlement_roman_walled_level_5
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_large_city_wall_3.CAS		settlement_roman_walled_level_5
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_large_city_wall_4.CAS		settlement_roman_walled_level_5
	card				data/ui/barbarian/cities/barbarian_city.tga
	normal				bi/data/models_strat/residences/barb_huge_city.CAS,				settlement_barbarian_level_2
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_huge_city_wall_1.CAS			settlement_roman_walled_level_6
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_huge_city_wall_2.CAS			settlement_roman_walled_level_6
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_huge_city_wall_3.CAS			settlement_roman_walled_level_6
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_huge_city_wall_4.CAS			settlement_roman_walled_level_6
	wall				data/models_strat/residences/roman_huge_city_wall_5.CAS			settlement_roman_walled_level_6
	card				data/ui/barbarian/cities/barbarian_city.tga
fort				data/models_strat/residences/barb_fort.CAS,							fort_barbarian
fort_cost			500
fort_wall			data/models_strat/residences/barb_fort_wall.CAS
fishing_village		data/models_strat/residences/barb_fishing_village.CAS,				port_barbarian_level_1	
port_land			data/models_strat/residences/barb_port_01_land.CAS,					port_barbarian_level_2
port_sea			data/models_strat/residences/barb_port_01_sea.CAS
port_land			data/models_strat/residences/barb_port_02_land.CAS,					port_barbarian_level_3
port_sea			data/models_strat/residences/barb_port_02_sea.CAS
port_land			data/models_strat/residences/barb_port_03_land.CAS,					port_barbarian_level_4
port_sea			data/models_strat/residences/barb_port_03_sea.CAS
watchtower			data/models_strat/residences/watchtower_barb.CAS,					watchtower_barbarian
watchtower_cost		200
spy				spy.tga				spy_info.tga			spy.tga			350	1	1
assassin		assassin.tga		assassin_info.tga		assassin.tga	500	1	1
diplomat		diplomat.tga		diplomat_info.tga		diplomat.tga	250	1	1
admiral			admiral.tga			admiral_info.tga		admiral.tga		100	1

Next go into export_descr_buildings.txt and add barbarian to the requires factions line for the following buildings:

  • proconsuls_palace
  • imperial_palace
  • stone_wall
  • army_barracks
  • royal_barracks

With the stable buildings in RTW not all barb factions can build them so you can add any of the barb factions to any of the levels, likewise with some of the missile buildings

  • great_forum
  • foundry
  • dockyard
  • sewers
  • baths
  • aqueduct
  • paved_roads
  • mines+1

Next you will need to open export_buildings.txt in the data\text folder and use the BI version of this file to copy across the relevant descriptions for all the buidings you have just added to the Barbarian culture.

Now you will have all the buildings in the campaign, with the correct unit cards and descriptions. To get them on the battlemap is a bit more complex, and im not even sure if i've got this part working right but ill say what i did.

Getting the buildings on the battle map

Open up descr_building_battle.txt and add this line:

include dbb_barbarian_invasion.txt

after all the other include dbb_ etc lines.

The next part involves the editing of descr_items.db which is a bit more complex so I'll just post my one here, replace your existing one with mine.

DOWNLOAD NO LONGER AVAILABLE - see here for possible alternative files.

You should now have all the buildings ingame for the battle maps, you can test this by doing a custom battle and seeing if the stone walls show up. The other buildings do not seem to show up custom battles so the only way to test would be to run a campaign, wait for a city to reach the large or huge city size for the barbarians then use the city view option to see if its worked.

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