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Unpacking Files Step-By-Step

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RTW Modding Index

Vercingetorex's "xpak" program allows us to change many of the 2D aspects of RTW which we normally could not. While there are instructions included in his readme, I have seen enough people post asking for directions in this process that it warrants a walkthrough. And now, we begin:

1) Download XPAK.

2) Extract these files (Right Click, extract).

3) Open extracted files


4) Create a New Folder here


5) Go to your C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\Packs folder. Find the file that is titled "ui_1.pak" and copy it.

6) Paste this file into the New Folder which you created earlier.


7) Copy the two files shown below


and paste them into the New Folder you created before


8) Double click on the icon shown below


When this is complete a folder "DATA" should appear. Copy this and paste it into C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War. Click "Yes to All" If it asks you to overwrite.

9) Return to the C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\Packs folder. Create a new text file (right-click, new, text document) and name it "ui_1.pak" Leave it empty

10) Find the file named ui_1.pak here and delete it (Always remember to back-up files!!!). Now you should be left with just a text file (highlighted) which has the same name as the original .pak file


11) You have successfully unpacked files! Go to C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\UI and you will see all of the files now available for you to change. In the folder entitled "Unit_Info" you will find the larger unit information cards for each faction. In the "Units" file you will find the smaller unit cards for each faction.



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