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Vlad TW Mongolo-Tatars Invasion

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Vlad TW Mongolo-Tatars Invasion
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Overhaul
Mod Leader Vlad
Release Status Released
Forum / Thread Hosted Forums on TWC

Mongolo-Tatars Invasion is a modification for Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms, which focuses on the Mongols' invasion to Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


This modification is intended to show the Eastern Europeans' and Europe's past by creating a modification that focuses on their history and their fight against the Mongols.


This modification focuses on two invasions; the Mongols' invasion to Eastern Europe in 1223 & 1240 and the Mongols' invasion to the Middle East in 1238. On top of that, it also tells the story of the Teutonic Order and their expansion in the Baltic region.


Some features that this modification includes are:

  • New map with 198 provinces
  • 300 new realistic and historically accurate units
  • New sounds
  • New flags
  • 40 new loading screens depicted with historical battles
  • New historically realistic cities, towns and villages
  • New trees on the map
  • Rivers such as the Volga, Don, Dnieper, Neman and Danube are now navigable
  • Realistic looking blood
  • Mongol unit sizes are bigger (eg. 252 warriors in each unit)


These modifications are included in Vlad TW Mongolo-Tatars Invasion:

The Team

Visual Material





External Links

Vlad TW Mongolo-Tatars Invasion Forum

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