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World File Editing Tools - M2TW

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M2TW Modding Index


No modding tools were supplied by CA to access the World files that make up battle map settlements and ambient buildings. Some user developed tools have been made however, predominantly by wilddog and KnightErrant based on research findings by Argantonio in the World Modified thread.

All the .world type files could be opened, viewed and edited with a Hex Editor - unfortunately that is a difficult, and for anything much more than changing an internal file name or folder path, largely impractical solution.


  • see main article IWTE

The IWTE Project by Wilddog now allows editing of all the .world files associated with settlements and other buildings on the battle-map, also vegetation.db and geography.db files and provides conversion options for static strat map models. The program is provided in .exe format so does not require a Python install. Download here

Superceded Tools

Previous tools are as follows:

.World File

Latest editor: WorldEditor_v0_9 by KnightErrant

modified version of previous releases, with minor bug fixes
fixed to work with more of the Kingdoms files.
allows export and import of ms3d (Milkshape) files for the 3d structures.
allows editing of the table elements either through form interface or via export and import of full text file version of the .world file.
does not currently allow the addition or subtraction of groups - only alteration of existing 3d groups.

.WorldCollision File

Editor: WCeditor_v1.2.zip by KnightErrant

allows viewing, export and substitution of the 3d models that make up the collision objects, and allows editing of the text elements of the file. Allows conversion of file to text and back, which makes copying and pasting in new collision entry's possible.

.WorldPathfinding File

Editor: WPFeditor_v1_0.zip by KnightErrant

allows blocked or non-blocked areas of the terrain tile to be modified in a graphical interface.

.WorldTerrain File

Converter: WTconverter_v1_0 by KnightErrant

allows information from the .worldterrain file to be converted to form a Milkshape ms3d file of the terrain tile for modification, and converts Milkshape files back to .worldterrain.

Editor: WTeditor_v1_0.zip by KnightErrant

allows the .worldterrain heights to be modified in a graphical interface using colours to represent heights.

System Requirements

These older user-developed tools utilise an old version of the Python free open source software development system. Like other modding tools (texture to dds, and stringsbin convertors) use of these tools requires you to install Python modules on your computer as well as the tool itself. For these tools a Pythonxy installation with PyQt4 is required, a working Mayavi2 installation (which should come with those) will allow you to view 3d versions of the structures without saving to ms3d. Due to incompatibility between Python versions these tools need a version earlier than v2.7 or they will fail to launch or crash during processing.

Recommended Python Installation

  • install python(x,y) first - a large variety of download versions are available at pythonxy.com
eg: run file Python(x,y)-CE-2.1.3.exe that comes with Python(x,y)-ETS- ; direct link to ETS- download
example installation path C:\pythonxy
eg: download and run file PyQt-Py2.5-gpl-4.4.3-1.exe
example installation path C:\pythonxy\python

Check that WorldEditor programs open at this stage

  • if you wish to use Mayavi2, you should now be able to find it in C:\pythonxy\python\Scripts - run the mayavi2.exe and follow these instructions to run the world editor programs through the mayavi interface. If you are unable to view 3d structures in the mayavi view box you may have a version of mayavi which doesn't support triangles properly. Try the EnthoughtToolSuite- download suggested by CLRS530 here
  • If you have difficulty getting a python installation to work you may need to refer to the World Modified thread for advice. The tools listed above are not compatible with the latest editions of Python.
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