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IWTE stands for Integrated World Terrain Editor, the tool is developed and maintained by wilddog. It is the major tool used for modifying battlemap buildings and environments in M2TW.

The tool's early development was based partly on prior research and development by Argantonio and KnightErrant.

It is supplied as an executable only file so does not require a python installation.

The following list is a quick round-up of its current capabilities :

  • 1) Editing of .world, .worldcollision and .animinstances files (these 3 files are the main settlement files). You can completely change the models, textures, effects, lighting.
  • 2) Editing of other settlement-related files eg .worldterrain, .worldpathfinding, .worldvegetation and .worldpkgdesc files.
  • 3) Editing the descr_geography_new.db file directly and easily.
  • 4) Editing the vegetation.db file directly and easily.
  • 5) Adding/amending battlefield vegetation models and generation of vegetation sprites.
  • 6) It has a basic set of strat map .cas editing functions which can edit most of the stratmap stationary models e.g. residences, trees, resources etc.
  • 7) It has a simple painting process editor which supports basic editing of several file types.
  • 8) It has a texture to DDS and vice versa single or directory file conversion tool built-in.
  • 9) Supports simple editing of the stratmap TGA and HGT files with files shown at correct relative sizes. This also shows a 3d view of the strat map being edited as well as selection of different colour schemes for the heights HGT map.

Battle-map Settlement Files

Loading and Saving .world Files

Launch the IWTE.exe file - when the tool opens make sure the 'WorldFiles' tab is selected;


Select 'Read 3 Binary Files'. Choose the .world, .worldcollision & .animinstances files to open when prompted, and then select a save name for the new .world. Note; this IWTE function will not overwrite the original files, it will add _1 to the file names.

Command window.png

As well as the main window IWTE will open a command window as above. Do not attempt to type commands into this window! Do keep an eye on the contents and watch out for any warning or error messages.

When you've finished making the changes you want, select 'Save 3 Binary Files'. Find your new files and re-name them so they are used instead of the original files.

Although some changes (techtrees and textures for example) only affect the .world file, it is good practice to always swap in all three new files, so they have the same time/date and are easily identified as belonging to the correct set.

Finding Object Numbers

Object numbers are displayed in small print on the 2d view when in "Assign Perimeters" mode, accessed from the "Gameobjects" tab.

Using the Painter Process Function

Access the painter process by selecting the button at the top left and then select from the drop-down menus as shown in the picture below:

IWTE painter process.jpg This function can be used to edit the following files whilst matched against a view of the structures of the .world files;

Those files can be opened in the painter process at the same time and the opacity values adjusted so you can see the terrain through the pathfinding etc.

Game Objects


The plaza, which is the area which has to be controlled to win a settlement or fort battle, can be repositioned and re-sized with IWTE. Use the "Gameobjects" tab, "View Plaza" button, then "Change Plaza". To see its relationship to other features use the main "Views" tab or painter process. From Jan2020 IWTE allows both x and y sizes of the plaza to be changed independently to allow rectangular shapes. The 2D view now shows the nominal size of the plaza (30x30m in the example shown) and also an outer line indicating approximately where the flags will appear, which is approximately 1/3rd of the nominal size outside the nominal plaza size.
caption=2d view of change plaza function caption=Actual flag positions for plaza position in last image

Control File Processes

Some functions of IWTE v20_09+ are controlled via text files, the text files need to be named *_ctl.txt. The function "IWTE control file" is accessed from the "Model Files" drop down in the top menu bar.

In a ctl.txt file:

  • items enclosed in < > are commands
  • # will comment out a line and is used before explanatory comments

Current functions include the ability to change the names of bones within a set of .cas files, and the ability to merge .cas (strat character) animations together, edit in Blender and split back into component animations.

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