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Additions to CAE

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Additions to CAE
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraMiddle Ages
Mod Leader Ieuano
Release Status v.1.4
Forum / Thread Here


This mod adds various new traits to Clouds Across Europe by Zephrelial and brand new AI for CAE's six new factions. It incorporates the following modifications into a single, user friendly file:

  • BBB 2.1 is fully integrated
  • Byg's Grim Reality 2 traits (modified)

As well as other small additions that can be found below.

And more goodies to please the CAE player


  • Hephaistos Naval vnv addon (makes admirals interesting, no more 1 star hadmirals here!, a tip, to make navies larger, return your sips to dock, then make more, as one (minor) downside to this is that different naveis can no longer be merged)
  • ZaPPPa's variable death mod, a few changes to the descr_campaign_db.xml file and generals can die at any time between 30 (i think) and 120
  • Fareinheits Mentor Mod, tired of haveing an uber general and having your young'uns not learn a thing from them? Not any more!
  • Bloodline tracking for all the new factions! (mongols included!)
  • Lovely new regions by Carnium
  • GrandViz Ultimate AI
  • Lusted's Battle Formations, Battle AI and his LTC unit balancing
  • Headlocks M2TW Smoke Mod


CAE introduces six new factions in their mod.


The classic European battle map including new settlements.

Other Major Changes



Collection of additions to the Clouds Across Europe mod by a fabulous host of modders. Mean tto enhance gameplay and add new dimensions to the mod itself.


See Also

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