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Clouds Across Europe

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Clouds Across Europe
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
Mod Leader Zephrelial
Release Status 1.4
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The Clouds Across Europe mod aims to enhance Medieval 2: Total War by making it more historically accurate and fun to play. Just like the original game, CAE is centered on Europe and takes place on a modified vanilla map. It covers the period from 1080 to 1530 AD. The mod features new factions, units, missions and much more.



  • CAE adds six new factions: The Shahdom of Khwarezm, Wallachia, Lithuania, The Kingdom of Jerusalem, The Caliphate of the Abbasids and the Teutonic Order.
  • The Mongols are now Pagan and playable.
  • All the vanilla MTW2 factions are included in the mod.


The mod features a modified version of the M2TW map with seven additional regions. Furthermore, the regions now have new historical names.

Traits and Ancillaries

  • The mod's traits and ancillaries are based on a modified Blood Broads & Bastards v2.0.
  • Five new ranks and titles are available for the Teutonic Order.


  • New Islamic Princesses for the factions The Turks, Moors and Egypt.
  • New secret guild Order of the Dragon which enable the player to train elite knights.
  • A Patriarch is available from the Huge Orthodox Cathedral for Byzantine players.
  • The Russian faction Bishops have the chance to become Patriarch if they have a piety of at least seven.
  • Eras system that enables units according to Early, High and Late periods of the medieval age.
  • Recruitable generals available from citadels.
  • Historical and famous faction leaders for the new factions.
  • Optional to remove the Teutons family tree and make them more like the militaristic order they were.
  • The economical system was tweaked and enables the factions to be richer.
  • Paganism is introduced as an additional religion with temples for Lithuania and the Mongols.


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