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Badges/Roles:Member, Civitate, Patrician
Patron of:Lord Gruffles

Boring History

Octy, (previously known as Marquis de Sade, Dorian Gray, Livia, D-503, Octavian) has been a member of the Total War Center (or Legion Total War) since April of 2004. Within days of joining the forum, he became a Civitate and after the Patrician system was implemented, held that title for some time. In the later months of the year 2006, he tried to ostracize himself but failed. Even after having insulted various members of staff and the late Steve Irwin, Octy has still managed to stay a member of the forum though he does not hold the rank of a citizen any longer. He is now the concubine of King Arthur and under the patronage of ferrets54 as well as holding the title of the third most humorous member.

Real Life

Octy or Elliot was born on the 25 February 1991 in the small town of Sydney, Australia. Life was particularly dull growing up, even though he now looks back on the 90s with nostalgia. Elliot also used to be really good at chess.

Sublime Day

Begun in 2006, Sublime Day was created by imb39 to mark the arrival of Octy to the Total War Center. It is on April 7th and even though only one person celebrated it last year, it is expected there will be a slight increase this time.

Owner's Manual and Maintenance Guide to Octy

(Some of this information is outdated)

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a new Octy. We know that he will bring you many days and nights of enjoyment. For proper handling and continued maintienance of this young Aussie please follow these simple guidelines,

Technical Specifications:

Name: Octy (in standard mode) Type: Young Aussie Manufacturer: TWC Ltd Height: 5'11" Weight: 54kg Length: Do you want to know? Average...at best. Power Output: Sporadic but on average it is below...average Color: Yeller (as in he is a coward)


Standard Mode: This mode is designated as Tchaikovsky Supporter. In this mode Octy will listen to nothing but Tchaikovsky. This mode usually is continuous over all modes and settings.

Secondary Mode: This mode's designation is Pseudo-Gay. In this mode he will seemingly act homosexual. It has not been determined whether Octy is actually acting homosexual.


- Compliment of 100 Tchaikovsky CD's - Youth masking gas - Anti-sleeping pills (for late night activities...and not those kinds!)

Operating Procedures:

The standard operating procedures are as follows,

Imposter: Octy is active in this setting he will take the alias, "D-503", and act exactly the same as Octy. This setting has yet to have a real purpose.

Lurk: In this setting he will not talk much. Some think he may be shy but he mostly observes. Late at night he may communicate with entities within range, asking favors, or questions. The actions in this setting are mysterious.

Squire: Octy will act similarly to his friends and superiors that may have some sway on his actions. It is known that this setting corresponds well with the tBP model. This may explain Octy's seemingly homosexual behavior.

Maintenance Procedures:

Make sure that his compliment of Tchaikovsky CD's are not scratched. If the CD's skip he will most certainly whine. Since this model is still relatively young you may, as the owner, have to make him a lunch and even tie his shoes. Also make sure that you can stay up in the late nights because the Octy model tends to stay up late.

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