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Former Moderator of Total War Center
Citizen: April 24, 2008
Patron: Annaeus
Patron of: n/a
Moderator: November 23, 2008-April 22, 2009
July 30, 2010-present


Between January 2007ish and October 2008 Bokks had the name of Lector V. After October 3, 2008, Lector's name was--with the help of TWC Technical guru Simetrical--changed to Bokks.

He has been, ever since then, "Thinking outside the Bokks."

Bokks was changed into Bokks as a citizen, and so as such Bokks was never known as a Peregrinus, or non-citizen member of TWC. Bokks's patron, by way of Lector V, was Annaeus, also known as Marcvs, also known as Vɛrbalcartɷnist.

Bokks is, and will be, most active in the Capitol, Questions and Suggestions, Discussion and Debate, and the Arcade areas of TWC. He is also interested in the Questions and Suggestions and Personal Help fora, but in his opinion he doesn't visit them nearly enough.

The Capitol is perhaps Bokks's favorite aspect of the TWC, and he will readily attest to his belief that the system of legislation designed by the Curia makes this one of--if not simply the--most unique web sites on the internet. When Bokks applied for a position as CdeC councillor in August 2010, his realization on August 12--when the vote was concluded--was unbelieveably surprising: in one of the largest votes he had ever seen (13 candidates) he made 4th place. Though he therefore didn't earn the seat he ran for, that the Curia and citizen voters gave him such a vote of confidence is one of the most singularly humbling events that he had met while on the TWC.


On November 23, 2008 Bokks was appointed Junior Moderator, and has since then spent a great deal of his time--too much, possibly--reviewing posts and trying to make everything just a little bit more receptive. The world hasn't quite ceased trembling since...

On April 22, 2009 Bokks resigned his post as Junior Moderator after what one could only have described as an enjoyable, inspiring and all around extremely positive experience working for, on and with the moderating team of TWC. Having so worked, Bokks felt fulfilled and prepared to open the next chapter of his TWC experience after a brief break from the Center to work on pressing matters at home.

.... it may also be worth noting that as a moderator is eligible for the silver mace after a six month period, Bokks resigned the day before becoming eligible for the award. Coincidence? Or was the former Lector up to something?

About one month after the long hiatus (explained below), Bokks was asked if he was interested in returning to moderation staff by the Head of Moderation, Pontifex, on July 28, 2010. The response was excited and inevitable, and on July 30, 2010, Bokks was reinstated as a moderator, a position that was now presented by a blue name instead of green. The return cannot have been more fulfilling.


Between June 17, 2009 and June 28, 2010--around 377 days--Bokks had left the site for mysterious reasons and pursuits unknown. His return was due almost entirely to the work of the member NONOPUST, who found Bokks elsewhere online and convinced him to return. The messages both public and private humbled Bokks in ways that no mere words can describe, and after a month and a half back into the TWC community, it Bokks will readily attest that it feels as though no real time has elapsed at all.

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