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Lector V

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Lector V:

Three years ago Lector V, in real life, started his final year in Latin Class. It was his final year because, frankly, he stinks at Latin (although, not to name any names, not as much as a few other members) While at that class he discovered that there was a myth about Carthage and something about bees. He had never heard of this myth, and because it was told only to the students of one level higher, he never has. Two years later he started life as a college student and history major, and one day in the library he decided that he should look up Carthages Bee's on Google. But none of the links that he found had anything to do with Carthages Bees, or any bees at all. But it did link him to a page full of Carthaginian history, that page that was in the Vestigia Vetustatis in the Discussion and Debate section of TWC.net. Amazed that there were so many people who were as enthralled by history as he was, Lector V joined, some time in 2007. The Bees, actually, are still a mystery to the Lector. He still doesn't know about it at all...

The truth about Lector V, is that he's a terrible Luddite; he hates computers, or at least all technology associated with a mainframe and whirling gizmos he doesn't understand. TWC, however, is, ever slightly, coaxing him out of his Ludditian shell. Maybe there's hope after all.

Citizenship: Lector V was, after about 900 posts made in a little over a year, approached by Annaeus, who asked if he wanted citizenship. The reply was only too ecstatic. Within a week, the Lector was a new civitate.

The world was never the same. Or isn't yet, anyway...

Name Change

On October 3, 2008, Lector V sent a requestory private message to famed TWC super-specialist Simetrical asking for his name to be changed. Within 30 seconds, Lector V had changed into Bokks.

And there was much rejoicing...

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