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Members who have gained the rank of Divus may be identified on the forum as wearing the following badge:


Divi are the former administrators and rulers of TWC who have served TWC to the fullest in the past. To qualify, a member must have served as Administrator for 18 months. Following their retirement, they are voted upon by the Curia. If they pass with a two-thirds majority, they receive the Divus rank. The Divus rank is the ultimate mark of respect on the forums.

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To achieve apotheosis, the nominee must be seconded by three members of the Consilium de Civitate and meet the following criteria:

  • Served as a Administrator for at least 18 months and cannot be proposed within three months of their resignation from Staff.
  • Provided exceptional service to TWC in their capacity as staff.

After at least three days of discussion, qualifying nominees shall be voted upon in the Curia for a period of one week, and a three-quarter majority is sufficient to become 'Divus'. A nominee who fails is eligible to be nominated again after a three month period.

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