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Hardcoded Limits - RTW

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Creative Assembly have built in some limits to the games, meaning that modders can not have more than x amount of factions or y amount of units. The information for this list of limits for Rome: Total War has mainly been taken from these threads: TWC, The Guild

For Hardcoded Limits for M2TW go here

Hardcoded Limits for RTW


  • Overall model number: Min ?, max 255.


  • Units per event: Min 1?, max 20 for non-regional events at least. Extras cause error message with -show_err but possibly no other ill effects.


  • Faction limit:
Min 2, max 21. Note that the maximum must include, for unexpanded RTW, one rebel faction, four Roman factions (including a Senate and the Roman alliance), six barbarian factions, four Greek factions, three Eastern factions, two Carthaginian factions, and an Egyptian faction, as far as faction-culture correspondence goes. In BI the culture restrictions and Roman alliance/Senate limitations are lifted, but there still must presumably be a rebel faction. Fewer factions than 21 are possible, but two must be listed in descr_strat.txt or game will KTM with error message. Fewer then 5 will also cause a crash if the player attempts to view "top five factions" for anything on the statistics screen as well.


  • ExcludedAncillaries: Min 0, max 3. Default usage Extras cause CTD.
  • Effects: Min 0, max 8. Assumption, experimentation. Extras make it impossible to gain ancillary through a trigger and cause erratic effects if an existing ancillary is transferred.


  • Hidden resources: Min 1?, 63 or 64 tbc. Extras cause a CTD, not including rome causes a CTD (for some TW games), not including italy as a hidden resource prevents Marian reforms (so will removing it from descr_regions.txt which is necessary anyway if removing from EDB).
See here for a way to overcome the limitation on number of resources.
  • Overall building tree number: Min ?, max 64. Experimentation. Extras CTD (error: "Settlement in [X] region has not been given [X] a core building. Any settlements above village level must have an appropriate core building! This settlement is level 1, and should have a level 0 core building.").
  • Levels per building tree: Min 1, max 9. Assumption, experimentation. Extras CTD.
  • Upgrades per building level: Min 0, max 8. Default usage, logic based on previous. Levels can only be upgraded to levels listed after them on the "levels" line.
  • Units recruitable in a given city, not counting agents: Min 0, max 32. Default usage, experimentation. Extras CTD.


  • Levels per trait: Min 1, max 9.
  • Points required for a threshold: Min 1, max ≥ 600.
  • Points assignable per trigger: Min 0, max ≥ 100.
  • Antitraits: Min 0, max 10 (1.2)/20? (1.6) (doesn't work in M2TW).
  • Affects per trigger: Min 1, max 11.
  • Conditions per trigger: Min 1, max 12.


  • Overall unit number: Min ?, max 500. JeromeGrasdyke. Extras CTD?
  • Units per faction: Min ?, max 100. Experimentation. Extras don't appear for custom battles, but otherwise function normally.
  • Units buildable per city: Min 0, max 32. Default usage, experimentation. Extras CTD.
  • Men per non-general unit: Min 6, max 60. Experimentation. Extras CTD?
  • Men per general unit: Min ?, max 31. Experimentation. Extras ignored, even if they come from another source (Influence, personal security, or faction leader/heir status).
  • Extras per unit: Min 2 (but 0 is okay as well), max ?. Experimentation.
  • Collision mass: Min ?, max ≥ 100. Default usage.
  • Number of officers: Min 0, max 3. Text file description.
  • Number of mount effects: Min 0, max 3. Text file description.
  • Mount bonus: ?
  • Number of attributes: Min 0, max none? Experimentation, guess.
  • Number of formations: Min 1, max 2. Text file description.
  • HP: Min ?, max 15. Dev. Extra considered 15.
  • Attack factor: Min 1 (missile), max 63. Experimentation, user interface. Zero results in no missile attack. Extra considered 63.
  • Charge bonus: Min 0, max 63. Default usage, user interface. Extra considered 63.
  • Missile range: Min 20 (at least for javelins), max special. Experimentation, experimentation. Every projectile has an effective maximum range as well, indirectly determined by the velocity and angle ranges specified in descr_projectile_new.txt; increasing this file's range sufficiently will require you to increase the velocity and/or angle range in that file for the change to work properly. Later versions of RTW give an error message if the velocity doesn't allow the stated range. More range than is possible will be effectively reduced to the maximum possible for the velocity.
  • Missile ammo: Min 2 (but 0 is okay as well), max ?. Experimentation (and guess). Note that ammunition is determined per man, not per unit, and it apparently counts even men who don't actually use the ammo, such as drivers of chariots (experimentation). Ammunition use is tracked per unit (I'm pretty sure), not per man, so if only half of your unit is firing at their target, they'll effectively have twice the ammo.
  • Undocumented kill rate variable: ?
  • Number of weapon attributes: Min 0, max none? Experimentation, guess.
  • Armor factor: Min 0, max 63. Default usage, user interface. Extra considered 63.
  • Defensive skill factor: Min 0, max 63. Default usage, user interface. Extra considered 63.
  • Shield factor: Min 0, max 31. Default usage, user interface. Extra considered 31.
  • Stat_heat: ?
  • Terrain modifiers: ?
  • Base morale: Min 0, max ?. Default usage.
  • Charge distance: ?
  • Fire delay: ?
  • Turns to build: Min 0, max 244. Extra ignored.


  • Resources per province: Min 0?, max 9? Extras ignored?


  • Number of provinces: Min ?, max 200. (max number includes sea region colours)
  • Number of landmasses: Min ?, max 20. JeromeGrasdyke. Effects for extras unknown (not CTD).
  • Dimensions: Min ?, max 510*510 (referred from descr_terrain)


  • Number of faces/polys: Min ?, max 20,000 (for campaign-map models).
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