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Islam (M2TW Religion)

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Islam is one of the three major religions in Medieval 2: Total War. The Islamic factions (the Moors, Turks, and Egyptians) can start Jihads against Catholic or Orthodox provinces.


The factions which have Islam as their faith will have several different gameplay options available to them. Most notable however is that the Pope has no authority over Muslim factions, so Papal missions and threats of excommunication are no longer present. Crusades are not available for Muslim factions to initiate, though players may find still their cities designated crusade targets by Catholic factions. Muslim players do have the option to initiate a Jihad against enemy cities, which in terms of gameplay is much the same as a Catholic Crusade option. This is done through an Imam with a piety of at least four.

Islamic factions also have access to the Hashashim from Assassins Guilds, and have certain Religious Mercenaries available to them.

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