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Jim ava.jpg
Ranks: Citizen | Administrator
Patron: Garbarsardar
Patron of:

Noble Savage, Dimitri_Harkov, MasterOfThessus, The Fuzz, aja5191, Furin, neoptolemos, AnthoniusII, Legio Caesar, agisilaos, Romanos IV, Taiji Leo, Jom, and Jarlaxe

Jimkatalanos is a Citizen and former Administrator of the TWC forums. He registered on January 9, 2007. Jim spends his time managing Content and doing other administrative jobs. Furthermore, he helped in the creation of the TWC Marketplaces. He also served in the Scriptorium as Librarian and Chief Librarian for almost 2 years. He is now Head of Content.

Originally, Jim was patronized by the Black Prince on the 28rd of July 2007 but now he is under the patronage of Garbarsardar.

Significant Events

  • Jimkatalanos becomes a Librarian in the Scriptorium on the 16th of July 2007.
  • On the 28th of July 2007, Jim is patronized by the Black Prince becomes a Citizen
  • On July 19th, 2009 Jim was promoted to Administrator and joined the Hexagon Council as the new Head of Content.

Ranks Held


Citizen radadir.png


Administrator radadir.png

Senior moderator radadir.png

Global moderator radadir.png

Junior moderator radadir.png

Librarian radadir.png

Content editor calvin.png


Novus large.png Novus

Quillbigamethyst.png Amethyst Scribe's Quill

Mod Mace Amethyst large.png Amethyst Moderator's Mace

Divus large.png Divus

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