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Badges/Roles:Administrator, Moderator, Moderation Mentor, Civitate, Content Writer, Content Director
Patron:mongrel, adopted by jimkatalanos.
Patron of:Lord Mov, Azog 150, JaM

The Birth

It is a well known fact that Jom is one of the many alt accounts of Ferrets54. Nothing else can explain the rapid elongation of his e-peen (rep points) or equally rapid rise to citizenship.

Jom joined TWC back in June 2007, having completed Medieval II Total War and was looking for some modifications to play during the long summer before he went to university. Once he got what he wanted, Jom promptly left TWC and faded back into the vague haze outside the forum referred to by those in the know as "real life".

The Comeback

When Empire was released, Jom once again made a few forays onto the board posting about how awful the game was and generally complaining along with everyone else about the piss-poor siege A.I. His job having been completed and the bile subsequently vented, he faded back once more.

The Golden Age of Jom

As before, TWC once again came back into Jom's life thanks to the release of a new game, namely Napoleon. Like a fine wine, Jom had matured in the years since first joining the board and decided to make a few posts in the Political Mudpit as he had spotted a thread about Halal meat being served in KFC and some rather poorly-constructed arguments being thrown about. Rolling up his sleeves, he waded into the Mudpit and never looked back.

Three weeks later his efforts were rewarded by promotion to the rank of Citizen under the patronage of mongrel.

The Saga Continues

What lies on the horizon for Jom? Fame? Glory? A one night stand and a prolonged battle with herpes? Only time will tell...

...Some time later, Jom became a senior Moderator, and was then promoted to the bold red ranks of Hex-hood.

Total War games owned

Box Art Type
Romebox.jpg Rome: Total War
RTWBIBA.JPG Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion
M2TWBA.jpg Medieval II: Total War
M2TWKBA.jpg Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
Empire Total War cover art.jpg Empire: Total War
Napoleon-total-war-box-artwork-big.jpg Napoleon: Total War
Shogun2boxart.jpg Total War: Shogun 2

Ranks & Awards

Current Ranks held

Rank Description
Administrator radadir.png Administrators are members of the Hexagon council, responsible for governing the site.
Moderator.png Moderators form the body which performs the vast majority of day-to-day front-line site moderation.
Civitate radadir.png Civitate is a person who has earned their rank through hard intelligent posting and thoughtful debate.
Content director.png Content Director of Helios.
Content writer radadir2.png The Content staffers are the writers and other contributors to the various projects that go on here on TWC.
Moderation Mentor Mentors usually aid young moderators who are not familiar with their tasks and powers, they provide guidance and help to moderators whenever they require.


Award Type Reason
Quillbiggold.png Scribe's Quill Awarded for time served as Content Staff for a period of one year to one year and five months. Received on Apr 18 2011.
Macebigsilver.png Moderator's Mace Awarded for time served as a Moderator for a period of seven to twelve months. Received on Mar 10 2011.
Cdec bronze.png CdeC Service Award Awarded for time served as a Consilium de Civitate member for a period of two completed terms. Received on Feb 16 2011.
Siteaward2010large.png Site Award Awarded for winning a category in the 2010 Site Awards. Received on Nov 13 2010.

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