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Noble Savage

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Noble Savage
Avatar12388 56.gif


Badges/Staff Roles:Citizen, Civitate, Artifex
Patron of:Paggers, Cúchulainn, Calvin, Erebus26


Became Citizen - July 18th 2007 Patronized by Tom Paine

Resigned Citizenship - August 13th 2007

Invoked Permanence of Honours law passed in the constitution and regained Citizenship - September 11th 2007

Under the patronage of jimkatalanos

In early November 2007 Noble Savage drafted a Vote of No Confidence in the current Curator, Elrond. It may be viewed here

Name changes include Kid Dynamite, -Portent- and Minibomb74

Installed as Curator on 14th February 2008 . Resigned 48 hours later .

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