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Porting a Mod to Rome Remastered

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Total War: Rome Remastered - Modding

Total War: Rome Remastered Information

Feral Interactive / Rome Remastered Github

For general modding advice see Total War: Rome Remastered - Modding

The files used in the mod currently need to be compatible with the game version the mod will be played on. E.g. if the mod is to be played on the Barbarian Invasion game, then it needs to contain the same internal faction names, or include ALL the files that mention faction names.

Before trying to get your actual mod into RR try setting up a new modfolder copying in the map files from BI and make a small change e.g. to the playable/non-playable list of factions so you can see if that change has worked and game will load.

Porting units from RTW

See Feral's guide Importing Rome Total War units to Total War: ROME REMASTERED.

Do note that while you can import RTW models and textures... you might find they don't look very good with the new upgraded graphics as they will be significantly lower poly/lower resolution than the new Remastered units.

Mapping / Campaign Differences

Visually the important difference is you will now require a new 3d mesh if your map shape differs from the base games' map. See Creating New Campaign Map in Rome Remastered.

Minor differences required to get your world/maps files to work are detailed below.


Version 2.0.2 requires the names of characters in descr_strat to be present for correct faction in descr_names.txt and text/names.txt incorrect names will cause a CTD.

The descr_strat.txt file now has a quantity value specified for each resource, you will need to change your resource section from:

resource	marble,               56,   62


resource	marble,         1,         56,   62

and can optionally increase the number from 1 if you want to signify having multiple resources at that location.

The format for writing the AI personalities has also changed, needing and underscore instead of a space so:

comfortable caesar

needs to be changed to


apparently missing this step will cause the AI to fail to expand. The personalities combinations must also be detailed as a combination in feral_descr_ai_personality.txt, e.g.

personality comfortable_caesar
building_priority Comfortable
military_priority caesar
diplomatic_priority default

the ai_personality file accepts a maximum of 32 entries.

To get an existing descr_strat file to load you may also need to carry out some simplification, e.g. removing new buildings and units unless you have also set up your EDU and EDB to be compatible. The structure of the EDB file will probably be compatible, but if it has recruit lines for new units, they will need to be in EDU and their soldier models will need to be in DMB which is a completely different structure.

Some traits and ancillaries have been changed, so you either need to cross-check that they still exist with the same name, or remove existing traits and ancillaries initially.


For hold_regions condition, the Settlement name must be used NOT the Region Name as in original BI. Using the region name will produce a "not found in stringtable" error message. So you'll need to convert any regions mentioned to the appropriate settlement name instead.

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