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After years of lurking, PowerWizard joined TWC on March 24, 2008. Based on the ideas of Tweety, he founded and managed the After Action Report (AAR) Competitions and the Tale of the Week tournament, united almost all AAR subfora and Total War related community games subfora into a main index forum. He served as a librarian for a short time, and is part of the Content Staff, writer of the Eagle Standard. PowerWizard became a citizen in 2008 October under the patronage of Gaius Baltar. He won the 'Fastest Rising Newbie' award in the same year, and was voted 2nd friendliest member of TWC. He patronized the following guys: davide.cool, Jingle_Bombs, sinople, Hesus de bodemloze, Ketzerfreund and LtChambers.

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